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Published September 28, 2009
Founded in 1970 at New College of Florida, New CollAge is a journal of new writing and visual art produced by a general editor alongside a staff of New College of Florida undergraduates who subscribe to the notion that a collage is an assemblage of different voices that merge to create new conversations. New CollAge is published annually with web exclusives throughout the year. The staff for this first issue (Spring 2009) of the "re-launching includes Founding Editor A. McA. Miller, Editor Alexis Orgera, and a full editorial staff.

New CollAge is available by subscription and single copy with select content available online and plans for Online Exclusives. Contributors to this first issue include: Rick Bursky, Sandy Florian, Emily Kendal Frey, Matt Hart, Melanie Hubbard, Hari Bhajan Khalsa, Jeffrey MacLachlan, Rob MacDonald, Sarah Maclay, Michael James Martin, A. McA. Miller, Stephany Prodromides, Virgil Renfroe, Jason Salek, Petery Jay Shippy, Eleanor Stanford, Justin Taylor, Kimberly Vorperian, and Dean Young.

New CollAge accepts unsolicited submissions of previously unpublished poetry, short fiction, creative nonfiction, artwork (especially that of the collage-inspired variety), and hybrids thereof from August-May each year for both their print issue and web exclusives.
Published September 21, 2009
Summer 2009 is the second issue of Mannequin Envy, an online quarterly journal of poetic and visual arts staffed by Jennifer VanBuren: editor in chief, webmistress; Jai Britton: flash fiction editor; Patrick Carrington: poetry editor; and Alex Nodopaka: visual arts editor.

Available as a PDF, the Summer 2009 issue includes poetry and flash fiction by Abha Iyengar, Alison Eastley, Barton Smock, Bridget Gage-Dixon, Charles Reis, Cheryl Snell, Daniel Crocker, David Jordan, David Lawrence, Dennis Mahagin, Doug Ramspeck, Henry Louis Shifrin, John Sweet, Kathryn Jacobs, Lois P. Jones, Margaret Babbott, Mather Schneider, Richard Lighthouse, Roger Pfingston, Roy Lewis, Simon Perchik, Tim Kahl, and Tony Leuzzi. Julie Steinerand Don Shaeffer are the featured artists, and Julie Steiner is interviewed by Alex Nodopaka.

Mannequin Envy accepts submissions year round, but reads only in the month prior to publication (Sept 1 was their last reading deadline).
Published September 08, 2009
Edited by screenwriter and poet Alveraz Ricardez, Lung is an "independent peddler of unique voices in contemporary poetry." Lung is available free online using Issuu, and is currently accepting submissions for its second publication until October 5th.

The first issue of Lung features writers whose works met the submission criteria of 'invoking emotion but avoiding the trappings of mediocrity' of being 'fresh, innovative voices that have something original to say,' and moreover being 'unique' and 'jumping off the page': Cristin O'Keefe Aptowicz, Cyril Wong, Olivia Tandon, Gabriel Ramos-Rocchio, Sandy Benitez, Nina Romano, Christopher Mulrooney, Aleathia Drehmer , Rei Thompson, J. Bradley, M.J. Hamada, Christopher Woods, Nina Ki, J. Michael Wahlgren, Janann Dawkins, Steve Meador, Derek Richards, David McIntire, and Alex Galper.
Published September 01, 2009
Sunsets and Silencers publishes short fiction, flash fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, essays, paintings, photography, and comic strips as a platform for emerging and established artists to showcase their work. The online journal is a subsidary of Nexus print, a biannual literary, cultural, and art magazine published by NexusCreative, a non-profit public benefit organization interested in opening new and exciting channels for creative expression.

Behind the scenes at Sunsets and Silencers are Founder and Editor Chuckie Campbell, Poetry and Fiction Editors Sarah McCartt Jackson and Bryan Jackson, and "Readers and Contributers," though plural, lists only Sam Meyer, so maybe there's room for more here.

This first issue includes contirbutions of fiction, poetry, and various forms of art by Beth Couture, Pete Pazimo, Russell Helms, Peter Scwartz, Christian Ward, Stephen Mead, Christopher Woods, Patrick O'Neil, Ben Nardolilli, Melanie Griffith, Bobi Conn, Jessica McEuen, and Adam Shaw.

Sunsets and Silencers is accepting submissions, and indicates that "On promising work, we may offer feedback, even if the piece didn't work for us. Please, keep in mind, however, that we do not respond to every piece, mostly because of the volume of submissions received. We want to provide exposure to artists and writers who create out of a restless fever, and who are fearless in their choice to submit."
Published August 31, 2009
Squid Quarterly is an online journal of short fiction and prose poetry founded by Beth Couture and Jeff Tucker, both writers at the Center for Writers at the University of Southern Mississippi.

This first issue includes works by Kristen Eliason, Andrew Farkas, Rachel Furey, Darin Graber, Sarah Jenkins, Jen Marquardt, Tim Marsh, Michelle Nichols, Lance Olsen, Melanie Page, Leigh Phillips, Matthew Purdy, and Wendy Vardaman.

SQ is currently accepting submissions for their second issue. SQ nominates for the Pushcart Prize and plans to publish a print anthology of select works at the end of the year.
Published August 27, 2009
Boiling River is a new web-based poetry journal edited by Issa Lewis. The publication accepts "all types" of poetry and encourages its writers to "take risks with their writing."

Lewis comments that this inaugural issue took a bit more time to bring to publication than she had expected, but it's no wonder when you take a look at the first issue's line up: Melissa Amen, Lana Hechtman Ayers, Lea Banks, Cynthia M. Bargar, Lisa Marie Brodsky, Courtney J. Campbell, SuZanne C. Cole, Lea Deschenes, Nancy Devine, Eddie Dowe, Roberta P. Feins, Michael Fisher, John Flynn, Maria D. Laso, Jackson Lassiter, Amy MacLennan , Thomas Michael McDade, Stephen Mead, Laura Miller, Anne Britting Oleson, Alicia Suskin Ostriker, Christina Pacosz, Jacqueline Powers, Michael Schmeltzer, J.R. Solonche, Aline Soules, Alex Stolis, Angela Velez.

Boiling River is currently open for submissions until September 1.
Published August 18, 2009
From Emma Young at To Hell with Publishing, UK:

We’re a young publishing house with a new direction. In our first two years we published works by the likes of Kevin Cummins and Michael Smith, and we are now about to launch the fourth edition of To Hell with Journals, a literary journal with a lifespan of 26 issues. The first three have been guest-edited by Lee Brackstone, Hisham Matar and Lisa India Baker and our new edition will be edited by Hans Ulrich Obrist (curator of the Serpentine Gallery). In Andrew O’Hagan words: "The Kingdom of literature was built on the genius of small magazines, and none is more vital nowadays than To Hell with Journals."

To Hell with Publishing was founded with the aim of reviving the role of the independent press in the UK’s literary scene and inspired by the movement kick-started by Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s City Lights bookshop.

We’re a small and truly independent publisher with a new business model to limit risk for the first time novelist (without taking the fun out of it).

We want to kick-start the careers of writers who are capable of creating quality fiction and we want the list to reflect our own eclectic and free-spirited reading habits. We choose to champion new writing and have therefore had to find a new way of publishing during these incredibly difficult times.

There’s more info on our new imprint here.

For people who already have a literary agent, we are also now accepting submissions for To Hell with Prizes. The deadline for submissions is October 2009 and all the details are on our website. The inaugural award of £5000 will be presented at an awards ceremony in April 2010.
Published August 17, 2009
Dzanc Books, who I think should receive an award for being the "most everywhere" new indie publisher, has yet another endeavor to entice readers and writers: The Collagist online literary journal.

The Collagist is edited by Matt Bell with Matthew Olzmann as Poetry Editor. The debut issue includes fiction by Chris Bachelder, Kevin Wilson, Kim Chinquee, Matthew Salesses, and Gordon Lish, plus an excerpt from Laird Hunt's forthcoming novel Ray of the Star. Charles Jensen, Oliver de la Paz, and Christina Kallery each contribute several new poems, and Ander Monson and David McLendon offer unique takes on the personal essay. The Collagist's first book review section includes coverage of Terry Galloway's Mean Little Deaf Queer, Michal Ajvaz's The Other City, and Brian Evenson's Fugue State, as well as a video review of Jonathan Baumbach's You, or the Invention of Memory.

This issue will also extend onto a blog, which will feature interviews with contributors and audio and video readings of work found in the issue, all of which will also be available as a podcast through iTunes.

Really you guys, what's next? Why am I envisioning something in outer space?
Published August 12, 2009
The Mission Statement of Diverse Voices Quarterly reads: "There are many fantastic literary journals out there, looking specifically for submissions from women, feminists, gays/lesbians, Jewish, Christian, African-American, et al. In creating this online literary journal, we’re providing an outlet for AND by everyone: every age, race, gender, sexual orientation, and religious background. This journal will, in essence, celebrate and unify diversity."

Volume 1 Issues 1 & 2 is available online as a PDF and includes a truly diverse list of contributors: Andrew Abbott, Don Blankenship, Benjamin Dancer, Laury A. Egan, Gail Eisenhart, Anthony Frame, Laura Yates Fujita, Jonterri Gadson, F.I. Goldhaber, Cora Goss-Grubbs, Taylor Gould, Heather Haldeman, Tim Kahl, Oloye Karade, Deborah Kent, Martha Krystapon, Bob Marcacci, Mira Martin-Parker, Tiberiu Neacsu, Diane Parisella-Katris, Diana Park, Amy S. Peele, Rhodora V. Penaranda, Julia Phillips, Charlotte Seley, Wayne Scheer , Joseph Somoza , Elizabeth Kate Switaj, Jacob Uitti, Earl J. Wilcox, Ernest Williamson III.

DVQ is currently accepting submissions of poetry, short stories, essays/CNF and artwork for its next issue until Oct 31.
Published August 03, 2009
The masthead of The Cartier Street Review is a testament to the opportunities online publications have opened for literary ventures: Founding Editor Bernard Alain hails from Ottawa, Canada, Principal Editor Joy Leftow and Assistant Editor "Dubblex" from New York, and staff member Thomas Hubbard from Puget Sound, Washington.

TCSR is a quarterly online publication of poetry and art. Currently, TCSR utilizes Issue for its online publishing, but is also now considering producing one print copy per year. TCSR accepts contemporary poetry, articles on contemporary poetry, short prose, poet interviews and poetry and book reviews. TCSR endeavors to be an international literary magazine and will publish in other languages alongside translation if desired.

TCSR is currently accepting submissions for their next issue, due out in October.

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