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Published May 10, 2010
Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Camera Obscura is the kind of publication that will definitely keep readers demanding print publications they can hold in their hands. A biannual independent print journal and "internet haunt," Camera Obscura features prose & photography by established, as well as, emerging writers and photographers. Don't let the 9x6 format fool you - the high quality production makes the images on these pages fill the mind's eye (a true model of how art is best reproduced for greatest viewer appreciation).

Behind the scenes at Camera Obscura are Editor M.E. Parker, Prose Editors Meredith Doench, Tim Horvath, Shane Oshetski, and M.E. Parker, Photography Editors Kate Parker and Lisa Roberts.

The first issue is a packed 128 pages, including fiction by Claire Bateman, Joshua Cohen, Patrick Dacey, Kane X. Faucher (Editor's Choice Award for fiction), Amy Glasenapp, Cynthia Litz, Robert McGowan, Nani Power, Thea Swanson, Michael Trocchia, Ren
Published May 09, 2010
Well, it's too late to submit, but apparently over 1500 pieces had to be sorted through yesterday in order to make today's noon publish deadline: 48HR Magazine. You be the judge.
Published May 06, 2010
Cofounded by David Dominguez (poetry editor), Rick Garza (fiction editor), and Alma Dominguez (managing editor), The Packinghouse Review will publish fiction and poetry biannually. Their first issue includes fiction by Neal Blaikie, David Borofka, Daniel Chacόn, and Liza Wieland, and poetry by Christopher Buckley, Gerardo Diego (translated by Francisco Aragόn), Frank X. Gaspar, Rojoberto González, Lee Herrick, David Hurst, Maria Melendez, Chad Prevost, Dixie Salazar, and Michael Spurgeon.

The Packinghouse Review also includes a Student Intern Editor, a position currently filled by Cecilia Ruiz of Reedley College, California.

The publication is available for single copy purchase via Amazon.
Published May 04, 2010
Quietly entering the scene, Lo-Ball has all the promise of becoming an established publication. Editors D.A. Powell and T.J. Di Francesco mean to keep the production simple, touting the magazines as a "no frills" publication. This production approach passes no judgement on the magazine's content, however, which includes in its first issue new poetry by J. Peter Moore, Rachel Zucker, John Casteen, Erin Belieu, Camille T. Dungy, Ely Shipley, Paisley Rekdal, David Trinidad, Katie Ford, Timothy O’Keefe, Ryan Courtwright, Ryan Call, Randall Mann, Kristen Tracy, Kristen Hatch, Luke Sykora, Stephen Elliott, John Beer, Peter Covino, Ash Bowen, CJ Evans, Ilya Kaminsky, Rachel Loden, Derek Mong, Benjamin Paloff, and Alex Lemon.

Published semiannually, Lo-Ball is available by single copy or two-issue subscription via PayPal - at one of the most low-ball prices I've seen on a lit mag in a long time ($4.99/issue). Printed by Bookmobile with glossy cover and nice stock, they're not out to make money on this one (thus the .org, I'm guessing). And my favorite promotional line in the publication, "Lo-Ball respectfully reminds you to have your pets spayed or neutered. Or both." How can you resist?
Published April 19, 2010
St. Francis College in Brooklyn, New York has published their first issue of Assisi: An Online Journal of Arts & Letters. The biannual, online magazine "will offer an eclectic mix of essays (both academic and personal), short fiction and poetry. . .photographs, drawings and other art works."

Included in the first pdf issue are works by Sharmon Goff, Linda Simone, Julie L. Moore, Virginia Franklin, Marissa C. Pelot, Carol Berg, Christopher Woods, Amber Jensen, Carol Carpenter, Arthur Powers, Joseph Somoza, Virginia Franklin, Mitch Levenberg, Kate Bernadette Benedict, Srinjay Chakravarti, Jonterri Gadson, Elizabeth Oakes, Diana Woodcock, Kristina Roth, Helen Ruggieri, Virginia Franklin, LB Sedlacek, Lyn Lifshin, Barbara H. Edington, Mary MacGowan, Andrea O’Brien, Francis Raven, Cherri Randall, Tatiana Forero Puerta, Obododimma Oha, Louis E. Bourgeois, Kevin Brown, and Anna Catone.

Assisi is currently accepting submissions for their second issue.
Published April 14, 2010
Mandala Journal, a publication of the Institute for African American Studies at the University of Georgia, defines itself as "an online student-run multicultural journal for poets, writers, artists, and thinkers."

The first online issue launched April 14 and includes a conversation with Kwame Anthony Appiah, poems by Cave Canem poet Raina Leon, a short story by Philippine playwright and fiction writer, Peter Mayshle, an essay by academic/artist Shanti Pillai about living each year in Havana, NYC, and Chennai, a photo essay by Toronto-based photographer Jose Romelo Lagman exploring "Rooted Cosmopolitanism", art and writing from Athens Clark Co. elementary school students PLUS work by writers and artists across the US and Canada whose works were selected via open submissions.
Published April 06, 2010
Nashville Review has made a huge splash in the web pond with their inaugural issue. Hailing from Vanderbilt University (edited by MFA students) NR was founded with two guiding principles: "that our venue would be inclusive to all forms of storytelling, and that it would be both free and available to everyone. Thus, NR seeks to feature those forms of writing not often recognized as literature—music, comics, film, creative nonfiction, oral storytelling, dance, drama, art—alongside the more traditional forms of fiction and poetry. It is published entirely online, and its readership includes visitors from over 50 countries."

To uphold its end of the vision, NR's first issue includes:

Fiction by Eric Sasson, John Minichillo, Pamela Main, and Peter Jurmu

Poetry by Rickey Laurentiis, Heather Derr-Smith, Yaul Perez-Stable Husni, Sarah Maclay

Music (Jukebox - some with video) by Efterklang, Jeff Harms, Nora Jane Struthers, Dark Dark Dark, Sufjan Stevens, Paul Epp, Tyler James, The Farewell Drifters, Symbion Project, Breathe Owl Breathe

Comics by Eric Garcia, Keiler Roberts, JooHee Yoon

Interviews with Salvador Plascencia, Maira Kalman, and Beth Bachmann

Nashville Review accepts submissions of fiction, poetry, nonfiction, comics, lyrics and audio by up-and-coming musicians.
Contributors are offered up to $100.

Nashville Review has three reading periods: Jan 1-Feb 1, May 1–June 1, and Sep 1–Oct 1.

Comics and music may be submitted at any time.

All submissions may be made through NR's online submissions manager.
Published March 31, 2010
Each Monday beginning today, features one story, one image, and one song - each by a different underexposed, talented up-and-comer. Editor Sarah Lynn Knowles "curates" each issue. The premier features short fiction by Tao Lin, photography by Helena Kvarnstr
Published March 30, 2010
James Tadd Adcox, Editor-in-Chief, Rebekah Silverman, Managing Editor, Paul Albano, Web Editor, are the working force behind Artifice Magazine, a nonprofit fiction and poetry biannual (February & September).

The first issue features works by Carol Berg, Jessica Bozek, Blake Butler, Neil de la Flor, Andrew Farkas, Ori Fienberg, Elisa Gabbert, Kelly Haramis, Roxane Gay, Kyle Hemmings, Tim Jones-Yelvington, Gregory Lawless, Jefferson Navicky, Lance Olsen, Joel Patton, Christopher Phelps, Derek Philips, Cynthia Reeser, Kathleen Rooney, Davis Schneiderman, Maureen Seaton, David Silverstein, Susan Slaverio, Kristine Snodgrass, and William Walsh.

"Artifice is looking for previously-unpublished stories, prose works, and poems, pieces that are (as the name implies) aware of their own artifice." In addition, Artifice has pretty lengthy and entertaining Wishlist of "things that we'd be pretty excited to see in our submissions." I can't even begin to tell you what these are (you won't believe me) - check it out for yourself.
Published March 29, 2010
Editor Matthew Williams has announced the first issue of the biannual Two-Bit Magazine, for which he has single-handedly edited and created the (stellar) layout and design. The issue features the works of Andrew Coburn, Alan Elyshevtiz, Barbara Donnelly Lane, Tisha Nemeth-Loomis, Wesley Moerbe, M. V. Montgomery, E. K. Mortenson, Lora Rivera, anna Saini, and Rebecca Straznickas.

The publication is online and can be downloaded as a PDF, which features bookmarks linking to each of the works. There is also an embedded version available at Starting with Issue 2, Two-Bit Magazine will also be available print-on-demand through MagCloud.

For submissions, Williams says, "Two-Bit Magazine is a publication dedicated to exposing emerging, talented writers and artists, as well as new work from veterans. We are looking to build an eclectic body of work: short fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry of any genre or form, serialized novels and novellas, and graphic novels and comics. We will also accept academic work, reviews, essays."

We welcome any/all Feedback.