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Published November 01, 2010
Tygerburning Literary Journal is a print journal of poetry and poetics produced annually each spring by the MFA Program in Poetry at New England College in Henniker, NH. The journal seeks work that ranges from innovative to traditional lineages by emerging and established poets. Special features of each issue include a DVD presentation of cinepoetry, interdisciplinary works of new media, and spoken poetry performance.

There are a limited number of Issue #1 Journals with the DVD of Francesco Levato’s complete award winning cinepoetry selection, War Rug. Copies can be ordered through Marick Press.

Contributors for Issue #1: Kazim Ali, Nin Andrews, Lana Hechtman Ayers, Janet Barry, Tara Betts, Bhisham Bherwani, Sylva Boyadjian-Haddad, Martha Carlson-Bradley, Lee Ann Brown, Laynie Browne, Wendy Burk, Amanda Cobb, Joanna Penn Cooper, Melinda Curley, Stephan Delbos, Chard deNiord, Tenzin Dickyi, Karen Dietrich, Jonas Ellerstrom, Kathleen Fagley, Howard Faerstein, Patricia Fargnoli, Roberta Feins, Adam Fieled, Alice B. Fogel, Laura Davies Foley, Mary Gilliland, Mariela Griffor, James Harms, M.C. Jones, Ilya Kaminsky, Talia Katowicz, Anchia Kinard, Francesco Levato, Sara Lefsyk, Louise Landes Levi, Lesle Lewis, Barbara Lovenheim, Terry Lucas, Erica Lutzner, Mayra MacNeil, Tamara J, Madison, Eric Magrane, Kent Maynard, Tim Mayo, Mary McKeel, Stephen Paul Miler, Malena Morling, Nikoletta Nousiopoulis, Annemarie O’Connell, Ivy Page, Barbara Paparazzo, Alexandria Peary, Jane Lunin Perel, Douglas Piccinnini. Verandah Porche, Kyle Potvin, George Quasha, Steven Riel, Edith Sodergran, Leah Souffrant, Cinnamon Stuckey, K.A. Thayer, Matthew Ulland, Miguel Alejandro Valerio, Mark Watman, and Dorinda Wegener.

Submissions are being accepted for Issue #2 (Spring 2011), edited by James Harms, until December 15, 2010.
Published October 27, 2010
Issuing from Amsterdam and Hamburg, Full Metal Poem is a new print journal of poetry, micro-fiction, art and photography. The production consists of concept and graphic design by Floortje Bouwkamp who is joined by Eliza Newman-Saul for art direction, and content editors Cralan Kelder & Mark Terrill.

The inaugural issue of FMP, which comes neatly wrapped in an archery target, was published in June 2010 and includes poetry by Cid Corman, Joanne Kyger, Simon Cutts, Rolf Dieter Brinkmann, Ron Padgett, Harris Schiff, John Wieners. and drawings by the hand of John Casey.

FMP currently solicits all content, but queries are welcome.
Published October 26, 2010
Raft Magazine is a spoken-word literary journal on the web, showcasing poetry, fiction, essays, and book reviews. Editor Brian Seabolt writes: "What is invaluable is the mere excitement of language as material with which to make things, as much sensation as sense, as much a stuff whereby to construct as a codex whereby to construe....It is this excitement that Raft Magazine means to put first and last."

The inaugural issue features work by Scott Abels, Niamh Bagnell, Susan Powers Bourne, Ric Carfagna, Jan Carson, Joel Chace, Arkava Das, Mark DuCharme, Iris Jamahl Dunkle, Bonnie Emerick, Michael Farrell, Adam Fieled, Thomas Fink, Vernon Frazer, R. Jess Lavolette, David Mohan, Debrah Morkun, Paul Nelson, Francis Raven, Chad Scheel, Sam Schild, Adam Strauss, Mark Stricker, Samuel Day Wharton, and Karena Youtz.

Books reviewed include new works by Raymond Federman, Leslie Scalapino, and Gilbert Sorrentino.

Raft Magazine seeks new fiction, poetry, literary essays, and book reviews. Each contribution published in Raft is accompanied by a sound file (requested once the work has been accepted), a recording of the author reading the work as he or she wishes it to be heard. Submissions are read year-round; the deadline for issue 2 is December 16, 2010.
Published October 25, 2010
Editors Sharmila Cohen & Paul Legault have brought about a playfully serious new lit mag: Telephone - "like the children’s game in which phrases change as you whisper them from one person to the next." The publication features four to five poems from one foreign poet in each issue, which are then translated roughly ten times by multiple different poets and translators. There are no rules about how each poem should be translated and Cohen and Legault solicit a variety of interpretations.

The first issues features orginal poems by Uljana Wolf which are then translated by Mary Jo Bang, Priscilla Becker, Susan Bernofsky, Macgregor Card, Isabel Fargo Cole, Timothy Donnelly, Megan Ewing, Robert Fitterman, John Gallaher, Matthea Harvey, Christian Hawkey, Erín Moure, Eugene Ostashevsky, Nathaniel Otting, Craig Santos Perez, Dr. Ute Schwartz, and Uwe Weiß.

Interested in playing? Sharmila Cohen says, "In general, we select and individually solicit all of the translators. That being said, we have an open door policy to suggestions with regard to interesting translators and foreign poets."
Published October 18, 2010
Editor and Founder John Carr Walker opens the inaugural issue of TRACHODON with this note: "Since January of 2010, when I founded TRACHODON, a print magazine of lit, art, and artisan culture, I've heard three questions over and over: 1) Are you out of your mind? 2) Is there a nice, quiet place I can take you until the trip wears off? 3) What is a Trachodon, and why are you naming your lit mag after one?" Walker goes on to address each of these, the third one first - which besides being the easiest one to answer, becomes the basis and connecting point for answering the others.

Joined by Associate Editor Katey Schultz, TRACHODON publishes poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and art. The first issue features poetry by Chris Dombrowski and Taylor Altman, fiction by Tom Weller and Jo Ann Heydron, a memoir and images by jewelry-maker Amy Tavern, and an article on Brooklyn's Urban Glass by Wesley Middleton.

Reading periods are May-July and November-January; no unsolicited poetry or memoirs are being accepted at this time.
Published October 12, 2010
Ghost Ocean is a new online publication edited by Heather Cox, Emily Hansen, and contributing editors Madeline Phillips and Timothy Moore, who hope that Ghost Ocean will be a "venue for writing that is surprising, engaging, clever, and downright fun to read" and will include both new and established writers.

Issue one features poetry by Brandon Courtney, DSD, Flower Conroy, and Robert Lee Brewer; flash fiction by Cee Martinez and Nick Kimbro; and an interview with Susan Slaviero, author of CYBORGIA (Mayapple Press).

Ghost Ocean is open for submissions of poetry and flash fiction year round. The theme for issue two is "ghost / ocean / ghost ocean / ocean ghost -- basically anything somewhat relevant to the title of the magazine."
Published October 11, 2010
Sarah Miniaci and Leah Stephenson are editors of the newly launched online (Issuu) Burner Magazine "a digital pop art magazine" that "aims to take the boring out of the literary and arts scenes, bringing together original and edgy artists of all shapes and sizes. It promises to get your blood pumping, heart racing, and to induce literary and visual crushes. The Burner contributor is a muse and amusing, compelling and never complacent. Burner is about science, art, truth, conspiracies, naturalism, cyborgs, music, beauty, sex and everything in between."

The first issue of Burner features:

Short Fiction by Kate Baggott. Anne Baldo, Guy Cranwick, Joseph DeSimone, Jeremy Hanson-Finger, and Margaret Zamos-Monteith

Poetry by Walter Beck. Dylan Carpenter , Jack Conway, William Doreski, Gail Ghai, Zakia Henderson-Brown, Meredith Holbrook, Mark Jackley, Alex Linden, Joseph Reich, Robert Spiegal, Ben Zucker, and Leah Stephenson & Sarah Miniaci

Photography and Visuals by Greg Andruszcenko, Josephine Close, Julie Dru, Kelly Evers Jackson, Matt Hannon, Yumi Ichida, Christina Luther, David Platt, Bea Sabino, Jak Spedding, Lisa Stegman, and Grace Suwondo

and an Interview with Nadja Sayej.

Burner is accepting submissions of poetry, short fiction/non-fiction, photography, visual art, music, and "gak" - which is anything that "doesn't fit into any of the above categories." Deadline for next issue: October 20
Published October 06, 2010
Arcadia is a new literary journal from the MFA program at the University of Central Oklahoma. Arcadia will publish quarterly online with an print annual "best of" fiction, poetry, and drama (next issue due out in April).

Volume 1 of the publication is in print, and includes works by Jeffrey Alfier, Rilla Askew, Jenn Blair, Andrew Coburn, Robert Dugan, Alana Elyshevitz, Adam Ferrari, Gaynell Gavin, Douglas Goetsch, Andrei Guruianu, Christopher Linforth, Patrick Moran, Tanya Perkins, Johanna Stoberock, and Dallas Woodburn.

Volume 2 will be online this month, and Arcadia is accepting a broad range of submissions: short stories, short films, music, flash fiction, poetry, drama performances, stand-up routines, photographs, artwork.
Published October 05, 2010
Edited by Chrisopher Spiker, The Ped
Published October 04, 2010
Kevin Baggett is the sole editorial force behind Southern Grit, an online journal that seeks "to uncover the hidden talents and authentic voices of the American South." Currently, Southern Grit publishes only fiction.

The inaugural issue features stories by Mike Hampton, M. Alexander Bass III, John Solensten, Michael Smith, Brian Tucker, Jason Stuart, and a review of The Help by John Gifford.

Submissions for Volume 1 Issue 2 are being accepted until December 1.

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