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Published September 13, 2011
West Marin Review is a literary and art journal published by "a dedicated band of volunteers supported by two local literary interests - the Tomales Bay Library Association and Point Reyes Books - and friends and neighbors." And while this grounds the review in local support, contributions are open to all writers and artists, newcomers as well as professionals.

A full table of contents for each issue is available online. Issue three offers excerpts of some content online. The print issue includes:

Prose by Catherine David, Reynold Junker, Jessica O’Dwyer, Agustina Martinez, Jan Harper Haines, Agnes Wolohan Smuda von Burkleo, Vivian Olds, Elia Haworth, Jonathan Rowe, Steve Heilig, Daniel Potts, Flor Jimenez, Jazmine Collazo, Cynthia A. Cady, Jody Farrell, Dave Mitchell, and Terry Nordbye;

Poetry by Jodie Appell, Prartho Sereno, Julia Bartlett, Gillian Wegener, Juan Avalos, Albert Flynn DeSilver, Lynne Knight, Apology, Randall Potts, Hal Ober, Roy Mash, and Nellie Hill;

Art + Artifact by Patti Trimble, Nell Melcher, Ryan Giammona, Andrzej Michael Karwacki, Amanda Tomlin, Kurt Lai, Jessica Baldwin, Willow Wallof, Sha Sha Higby, Marnie Spencer, Terrence Murphy, Christa Burgoyne, Wendy Goldberg, Dewey Livingston, Tom Killion, Richard Lindenberg, Lorna Stevens, Kevin Alvarado, Jacqueline Mallegni, Christa Coy, Kyla Pasternak, Mary Siedman, Zea Morvitz, Vi©kisa, Jon Langdon, Mark Ropers, Sevilla Granger, and Mardi Wood.
Published September 12, 2011
The name Poecology is "the fusion of poetry and ecology brings two of my great passions together" writes editor Kristi Moos. Born from "a slip of the tongue," Poecology is now an online literary magazine of ecology-focused poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. Moos says, "I think there is much left to be said about the idea that poetry, and all writing for that matter, can influence physical ecology. When the idea for Poecology came about, I started seeking answers to long-held questions: How can literature shape the places and environments that inspire writing in the first place? What can I do to take part?" Issue 1 is just the beginning of the answer to these questions.

Contributors to the first issue include Anna L
Published September 08, 2011
Posted online and in a pdf version, Spittoon is an independent magazine of contemporary and experimental poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. Editors for this quarterly publication are Matt VanderMeulen (fiction), Kristin Abraham (poetry), and Berly Fields (creative nonfiction).

The inaugural issue of Spittoon features fiction by Wayne Lee Thomas, Ann Stewart, Sara Pritchard, Kyle Hemmings, William Haas, William J. Fedigan, Kirsten Beachy; poetry by Nate Pritts , Rich Murphy, Amanda McGuire, Kristi Maxwell, R.J. Ingram, Arpine Konyalian Grenier , Dana Curtis, Ryan Collins, Molly Brodak; and an interview with Arpine Konyalian Grenier.

Submissions are accepted year round with each piece published also automatically entered in the yearly "Best of Spittoon" awards.
Published September 07, 2011
Adventum Magazine is a new online publication of, well, as Editor-in-Chief and Founder Naomi Mahala Farr muses in her philosophy - what could best be described as outdoor adventure writing. While other magazines exist that do honor the environment, the outdoors, and adventure, Naomi created Adventum to explore all of these in a more literary venue: creative nonfiction and haiku with photography and photo essays. The result is nothing short of breathtaking.

Produced in Issuu (print available on demand), the first installment of this biannual features essays by Adrianne Aron, Trevien Stanger, Manda Frederick, Kim Kircher, Kathleen Saville, Willard Manus, Cheryl Merrill, Tom Leskiw, Adrienne Ross Scanlan, Ed Gutierrez; photography by Shea Mack, Brandon Hauser, Jon Oliver-Hodges, Shaun Bevins, Tim Farr; and haiku by Dennis Maulsby, Sidney Bending, Julia Goodman, Wayne Lee, Wally Swist.

Submissions for the next issue are accepted until November 15. Adventum accepts "creative nonfiction, essays, and memoir pieces that explore some aspect of personal experience in the outdoors. This includes but is not limited to adventure in extreme wilderness landscapes as well as urban, whether it is about climbing trees, mountains or buildings, kayaking rivers or oceans, walking in pursuit of rare insects, pursuing the art of parkour, oceanic living, or mountain culture." Photography and haiku (and haiku ONLY) are also accepted.
Published September 06, 2011
TINGE Magazine is Temple University’s new online literary journal, published twice a year, in the Spring (April) and in the Fall (December). The journal is edited by the graduate students of Temple’s M.F.A. Program in Creative Writing and has an open submissions policy.

The first issue includes Fiction by Liam Callanan, Katherine Zlabek, Marc Schuster, Lauren Hopkins Karcz, V. Jo Hsu, and Mat Johnson; Poetry by Melissa Slayton, Michael S. Begnal, Christopher Schaeffer, George Eklund, Diana K. Lee, and Kristin Prevallet; Nonfiction by Michael Milburn; and Interviews with Kristin Prevallet and Mat Johnson.

Submissions for the next issue of TINGE Magazine will open September 1; submissions are accepted through Submishmash.

[Cover art by Brooke Lanier “Personal Best”]
Published August 31, 2011
Founded by Sarah Lindsay to "give new writers and artists a place to start - an edge piece for their big-picture puzzle," EdgePiece will publish online tri-annually. Joining in this effort are Developmental Editors Sarah Lucas, Max Pickering, Pamela S. Wall, Dakota Morgan and Copy Editor Pamela S. Wall. Together, the unique promise of this publication is to "never fully reject a manuscript; we work with you, editing your piece and suggesting improvements. This way, everyone gets experience and satisfaction from the process."

Featured in Issue 1.1 is Fiction by George Masters, Elizabeth Dunphey, Tim Martin, Nana Adjei-Brenyah, and Bob Kalkreuter; Non-Fiction by Katie Liming, and Kendra Shirey; Poetry by, Catherine Batsios, Alana Aguilar, Thommie Gillow, Paige Webb, Nico Mara-McKay, and Amanda Montell; Photography by, Kendra Shirey, Vanessa Levin-Pompetzki, and Keith Moul.

EdgePiece is "hungry for fiction, non-fiction and poetry" but will also consider book/essay/poetry/film reviews, photography, and other graphic/visual art.
Published August 30, 2011
Based out of Somerville, Mass, Amethyst Arsenic publishes "all forms of poetry from new and established voices" as well as art. Edited and published by Samantha Milowsky with copy editing by Kasandra Larson and design by Emily Crandall, Amethyst Arsenic will appear at least twice a year, regularly offering opportunities for guest editors.

Issue 1.1 (Summer 2011) with Guest Editors Lucie Monroe, Michael Gill includes works by Brandon Amico, Rusty Barnes, Gale Batchelder, Cassandra Clarke, Jim Cronin, Gregory Crosby, Judson Evans, Reinhard G
Published August 29, 2011
The two founders of Specter Literary Magazine - husband & wife, mensah demary & Athena Dixon-DeMary, prose writer & poet respectively - take the Gen Y labels, embrace them, and consider them as the very complexity that writers regularly address: "Are we all frightened, passive, coddled? Are we all spoiled & flighty? Do we all dream? If Generation Y is so different from our parents and grandparents, then what does it mean to: love today; raise children today; keep religious faith today? The work some might consider 'navel-gazing' and 'postmodern' and 'boring?' We want that work. Writers who believe literature can reveal and–dare we say–save the world? We want those writers. We want dreamers."

Published online, the first issue of Specter, launched at the end of July, features works by Mick Davidson, Lois Harrod, J. Bradley, Noriki Nakada, Bradley Warshauer, Jasmon Drain, Chris Castle, and Tom Sheehan.

Specter accepts poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction and flash via Submishmash.
Published August 25, 2011
Editors Marc & Morgane McAllister founded In The Snake Magazine "to provide quality short literature that is both meaningful as well as enjoyable to read." Launched July 2011, the monthly publication thus far features the short stories of Rose Droll, Jennifer Moore, and Carmen Maldonado, Yarrow Paisley, Jesse Rubin, A. Kham and Shauna Brock.

In The Snake Magazine is currently holding a short story contest for their Summer 2011 Elephant Prize. Deadline for submissions is August 31.

In The Snake Magazine is also accepting submissions for upcoming issues, offering guidelines with detailed expectations of plot, theme, style, and existential conflict: "We look for stories that build strong, dynamic characters that reflect the nature of the human experience." In addition to cash awards for their contest, In The Snake Magazine is a paying market.
Published August 24, 2011
"Written for an intelligent reader," Trans-portal: The Hub of Trans-Formation Studies features contributions that "exhibit the highest qualities of scholarship while also being accessible by a wide audience."

Trans-portal's Founding Editor/Curator Michael Broek is joined by Contributing Editors Patrick Donnelly, Stephen D. Miller, Susan Castillo, Matthew Carter and Tarfia Faizullah, and Editor-At-Large Laura McCullough in producing an online biannual, appearing summer and winter.

The first issue (Summer 2011) features lyrical essays by Amanda Abel, Elizabeth Howort, and Steve Newton; scholarly essays by Camille Alexander, Danielle Mortimer, Margaret R. Borders, Bryce Christensen; an audio essay by Paul Lisicky, a photo essay by Tarfia Faizullah, and a review of Lisa See’s Snow Flower and the Secret Fan and and Amy Chua’s Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom by Judy Chen-Cooper.

Trans-portal also includes individual resource pages for essays an articles on a variety of "trans" concepts: Trans-Personal, Trans-Cultural, and Trans-National. I hope to see this become a wealth of resources that continue to grow with the longevity of the publication.

Trans-portal is seeking creative non-fiction lyric essays and scholarly articles pertaining to any of our themes, with an emphasis on synthesis and contemporary relevance.

We welcome any/all Feedback.