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Published November 17, 2011
Editor Kim Hunter-Perkins brings us the prompt, a new online literary magazine that hopes to encourage submissions based on prompts. The editors clarify that they mean "to provide a place for work that often has no place in a traditional literary magazine because of its form or function." That is, writing that is the result of a workshop or writing exercise that is "pretty darned good," but is rejected on the basis of being "too workshoppy."

To further encourage prompt-based writing, and to solicit submissions, the prompt provides an array of prompts, including text prompts, photo prompts, audio prompts and video prompts. If you haven't tried it, it's pretty amazing what a 30-second audio clip can inspire!

the prompt website also includes commentary and resources on a featured form (currently "The Post-Apocalyptic Genre"), and "practical pedagogy" on how teachers can use the prompt in the classroom.

Working to produce a quality publication are Associate Editors Dan Davis, Natalie Doehring, Luke Kingery, Kristi McDuffie, Whitney Noland, Anna-Elise Price, Clint Walker, and Artists in Residence Heidi Butler Mitchell and Christy Blew.

the prompt is accepting submissions of poetry, including flash-based poetry, prose - including fiction and creative non-fiction, and "non-traditional selections" such as scenes, character profiles, "snapshots," etc. The Prompt accepts submissions via Submishmash.
Published November 16, 2011
Founded and edited by Emma Nichols, Pete Viola, and Sean Case Petrichor Review is a new online triannual of poetry, fiction, and art.

The first issue features fiction and poetry by Corey Mesler, G.A. Saindon, Howie Good, James Valvis, Jason Kalmanowitz, John Grey, Joseph Farley, Kyle Hemmings, Larry Gaffney, Len Kuntz, Les Wicks, M. Chandler Rodbro, Matthew Dexter, Paul David Adkins, Peter Marra, Thomas Zimmerman, Valentina Cano, and Walter Campbell, and artwork by Charlotte McKnight, Doris Case, Jim Fuess, Kimberly Marra, Lindsey Buckley, Thomas Zimmerman, and Vinny Carnevale.

Petrichor Review is open for submissions for their next and upcoming issues.
Published November 15, 2011
Edited by Rosemary Badcoe and Noel Williams, Antiphon (UK) is a new online quarterly of poetry and reviews of poetry books. The Antiphon website also includes an online forum for opinions on poems and articles related to poetry.

The inaugural issue offers new work from Catherine Edmunds, Martyn Crucefix, Andrew Shields, Larry Jordan, Angelina Ayers, Jane Røken, Richard Moorhead, James Howard, Michaela Ridgway, Cora Greenhill, Mario Petrucci, Claire Dyer, John C Nash, Janet Fisher, Thomas Zimmerman, Jan Fortune, Brian Edwards, David Harmer, Pippa Little, and David Callin. The publication also features book reviews of works by Christy Ducker, Michael Mackmin and Helena Nelson, and a column called “Debating Point,” with this issue’s focus being: “Truth is beautiful, without doubt; but so are lies.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Submissions are open through Submishmash.
Published November 14, 2011
Editor Marge Lurie of FictionNow writes that the online magazine's mission is "connecting good writers of short fiction with hungry, interactive readers. You'll find stories that honestly reflect what it's like to be alive in the 21st century - stories that wrestle, as all good fiction must, with how to construct meaning out of the welter of untamed experience."

The first issues features works by Elizabeth England, George Dila, Richard Smolev, Ray Abernathy, Joel Hinman, Pamela Painter, Joanne Avallon, Silvia Bonilla, Seth Kaufman, and Susan Buttenwieser.

Submissions are open for previously unpublished fiction between 250 and 4,000 words.
Published November 10, 2011
Edited by designer Stephenie Foster and poet Carolyn Guinzio, Yew: A Journal of Innovative Writing and Images by Women will showcase three writers per month online with visual art provided by the writers, their collaborators, other artists or the editors.

The inaugural issue features Laynie Browne's poem "An Urgent Walk Across a Moor" paired with Stephenie Foster's photograph series "Drawn to the Light: Images of Mexico"; Andrea Baker's work comprised of her own text and images; and Doro Boehme's text paired with her own photographs.

Upcoming issues will feature writing and art by Maureen Alsop, Rosebud Ben-oni, Carol Berg, Grace Cavalieri, Jeri Coppola, Carolina Ebeid, Merlin Flower, Michaela Gabriel, Anne Gorrick, Endi Bogue Hartigan, Rebecca Gayle Howell, Megan Kaminski, Genevieve Kaplan, Deborah Poe, Maritza Ranero, Petra Whitaker, Marcela Sulak, and Carol Szamatowicz.

Yew welcomes submissions of poetry, hybrid writing, photography, or other visual art via email.
Published November 09, 2011
Jenny Catlin, Founder/Editor In Cheif, and Matt Schmid, Editor, bring readers scissors and spackle an online publication with a print companion, both available on the twenty-third of each month.

Issue II includes poetry and fiction Adrian Mitchell, Alex Schillinger, Anja Vikarma, Ariana D. Den Bleyker, Carla Sarett, Chris Castle, Cody Deitz, Corey Mertes, D.G. Bracey, Dennis Nau, DJ Swykert, Donna d. Vitucci, John Fields, Josh Goller, Kaydi Johnson, Laura LeHew, M.P. Powers, Mark.Farrell, Mather Schneider, Robert Kulesz, Robert Levin, Sandra K. Woodiwiss, Steven Finkelstein, Tim Schumacher, and Wendy Bradley, as well as the photo essay "Making of the Gods: Snippets of the life and craft of the god makers of Kumortuli as seen and felt by Anurima Das and Saikat Sengupta."

scissors and spackle is open for submissions of comics, short stories, poetry, art, photography, erotica, genera-fiction, audio, and video.
Published November 08, 2011
Aesthetix is a new online poetry publication with a unique approach: poets are required to write a poem using one specific title per issue. According to the editor, "This results in a really interesting variety of approaches to a subject ('aesthetix') juxtaposed in ways that are not common in the average poetry journal."

The first issue, "Red Car in the Future," includes works by Seth Landman, Wendy Xu, Sean Williams, Rob MacDonald, Adam Clay, Ed Haworth Hoeppner, Matt Anserello, Parker Tettleton, Nick Lantz, B. Medrev, John Gallaher, Nick Sturm, Matthew Henriksen, Kimiko Hahn, JoAnna Novak, and Elisabeth Workman.

Aesthetix will post one featured title quarterly for submission consideration. Submissions accepted from new and established writers, with a particular interest in publishing long poems, collaborative poems, poems with nontext elements, poems by children, and poems by non-poets.
Published November 07, 2011
Jim Cole is founder and editor and Ana Machuca the fiction editor of the newly launched ffrrfr, an online and "occasional print journal" of short fiction devoted to "creative storytelling and intriguing uses of language."

The first issue features works by Miranda Mellis and David-Glen Smith along with an interview with each.

ffrrfr is accepting submissions for their winter 2011-12 issue through November 30. ffrrfr us "open to all styles" and is "most interested in writers who are doing interesting things with language, such as the use of Oulipian constraints."
Published November 03, 2011
Published by the Institute of Arts and Social Engagement, Magnolia: A Journal of Women's Literature publishes "socially engaged works of fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry that interact with and challenge social injustices of our time."

Misty Ericson, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of, an online portal of women's creative arts and activism, writes in the journal's foreword: "Magnolia: A Journal of Women's Literature, and its precursor,, were established in an effort to bridge the gap created by both political and market censorship, as a space wherein women can speak freely the truth of female experience, to draw our attention to the atrocities of our world, and to act as catalysts for social, cultural, and political change."

With selections chosen and introduced by Gayle Brandeis, Volume One features works by Mary Akers, Andrea Berthot, Lorraine Caputo, Stephanie Dickinson, Bonnie Fortune, Ana Garza G’z, Eliza Kellley, Kathleen Kirkm Sari Krosinsky, Peggy Landsman, Simone Martel, Adriana Paramo, Carol Smallwood, Sami Schalk, Jill Stukenberg, Sheila Thorne, and Linda Whittenberg.

Submissions for this annual print publication are accepted from September - December. See the magazine's website for full guidelines.
Published November 02, 2011
John Cusick, Laura McMillan, Adam Read-Brown, and Evan Simko-Bednarski make up the editorial board at Armchair/Shotgun, a print journal of poetry, fiction, non-fiction and visual arts "published occasionally, and for good reason."

Currently in its second issue, Armchair/Shotgun features works by Zachary White, Brian Morrison, Kimberly Grey, Marvin Shackelford, Sono Osato, Sarah Kate Levy, Alanna Bailey, Kevin Brown, Alicia Dreilinger, Cory Schubert, Kevin Dugan, Matthew Montesano, Cecilia Galarraga, and Jackson Culpepper.

Armchair/Shotgun accepts submissions "on real honest-to-goodness paper" and professes to "not care about your bio. We read all submissions anonymously, and conceal even an author’s name until a piece has been selected for publication. We feel that good writing does not know one MFA program from another. It does not know a PhD from a high school drop-out. Good writing does not know your interstate exit or your subway stop, and it does not care what you’ve written before. Good writing knows only story."

We welcome any/all Feedback.