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Published December 05, 2011
Botticelli Magazine is an online literary and art journal produced and edited by students at Columbus College of Art and Design. Already in its third issue, Botticelli is planning a lot of expansion, inclusive of literary and logo contests.

Contributors to the first issues include Austin Charles Barrow, Chelsea Besse, Ross Caliendo, Austin Charles, Silver Corbin, Danielle Doughty, Brittany Leigh Ference, Chester Fillmore, Daniel Foley, Amy Gallagher Gallagher, Emily Gallik, Bina Gupta, Liandra Holmes, Matthew Houston, Kylie King, Amanda Knittle, Brittany Kotur, John Malta, Brian May, Mary S.Nemeth, Dave Nichols, Siddartha Beth Pierce, Todd Pleasants, Hannah Ross, Michelle Ross, Apryl Skies, Scott Stewart, Miles Tsang, and Elizabeth Vest.

Botticelli Magazine accepts only online submissions of fiction, poetry, creative non fiction, reviews, art, photography, as well as flash pieces and links to online work as long as the rights are available to the contributor. Collaborative work is also welcome. The magazine's review process involves an editorial staff of writers and artists.

[Cover art for Issue 3: "French Friends" by Matthew Houston]
Published December 01, 2011
The Safety Pin Review is a new literary magazine featuring fiction of less than 30 words, posted once a week, with a major D.I.Y. twist: in addition to being published online, each story is hand-painted onto a cloth back patch, which is attached (via safety pins) to one of SPR's operatives - "a collective network of punks, thieves and anarchists" — who wear it everywhere they go for a week. The SPR website features the poems as well as pictures of the operative-of-the-week wearing it around.

Featured poets thus far include Barry Basden, J. Bradley, Doug Paul Case, Brian Hurley, Simon Jacobs, David James Keaton, Len Kuntz, Helen Vitoria, and xTx.

Safety Pin Review accepts submissions of unpublished fiction of no more than 30 words - no poetry, and pays $1.00 per acceptance.

[Operative pictured in Times Square, NYC, with "Scope" by Barry Basden.]
Published November 30, 2011
Joining Editors Drew Krewer and Maureen McHugh is Managing Editor Meagan Lehr, Art Editor Andy Campbell and Web Designer Jason Criscio, to bring readers The Destroyer, a bi-annual online publication of text, art, and public opinion. Freely downloadable digital broadsides also available featuring digital art and quotes from texts.

The inaugural issue features Text by Nicole Wilson, Brandon Downing, Natasha Stagg, Joshua Marie Wilkinson, Amaranth Borsuk, Chris Hosea, Tony Mancus, Whitney DeVos, Annie Guthrie, and Brian Oliu; Art by Yuko Fukuzumi, Nicholas Hay, Sarah Duncan, and Casey Wilson; Opinion Pieces by Joe Hall, Steven M. Brown, Kim Largey-Soloway, and Lulu Antipyrene; Cheap Papers by Meagan Lehr, Maureen McHugh, and Drew Krewer.

The Destroyer accepts poetry, texts with no determinate genre, video, audio, and new media. Translations welcome as well as art in all media and thoughtful opinion pieces for "the vent." The Destroyer accepts submissions via Submishmash.
Published November 29, 2011
First Inkling is an international student literary magazine, publishing short stories, poetry, graphic fiction, one-act plays, short film (screenplays), novel chapters, and more. Works are accepted from students currently enrolled in accredited colleges or universities at the community college, undergrad, graduate, or post doctorate level, from anywhere in the world. Works in languages other than English will also be considered, as long as it is submitted with an English translation.

The inaugural issue features writing by Lauren Fath, Duncan Lennon, Ryan McLean, Danielle M. Gorden, R. Sam Chaney, Phill Korth, Andrew Watt, Sam Sudar, Sally Wen Mao, Jean Kim, Cody Greene, Urban Eisley, Tait Howard, Daniela Maristany, Ryan Cannon, Minh Phuong Nguyen, Idris Goodwin, Amy Porter, Nicomedes Austin Suárez, N. S. Wiley, and Danielle Jones-Pruett.

All works published in First Inkling will be entered in the Associated Collegiate Press Pacemaker competition, with $750 cash awards going to the best in: Fiction, Narrative Nonfiction, and Poetry.

The issue also includes interviews with Rick Moody, Jim Shepard, John “Jack” Allman, and Brad Gooch.

First Inkling invites student writers to become members to the site and then to post to the publication's blog. Interested students are also invited to become Associate Editors.
Published November 28, 2011
Cuckoo is an online quarterly literary magazine written and edited by writers aged between 11-19. Cuckoo Quarterly aims to "publish the best young writing from all forms and genres and to be accessible and attractive to a wide readership."

The publication is facilitated and administered by New Writing North, a development agency for creative writing and creative reading based in the north east of England.

Submissions for Edition 1 came from attendees of New Writing North’s three fortnightly writers' groups in Newcastle, Hexham and Durham, or from those who participated in New Writing North's Writing Summer Schools.

The issue features poetry, short fiction, 'rants,' reviews, and interviews by Beth Allison, Jacob Armstrong, Anusha Ashok, Laurie Atkinson, Hannah Bash, Shannon Baxter, Adam Bryden, Alice Buckley, Leah Chan, Jessica Graham, Andrew Henley, Scott Houghton, Hannah Morpeth, Daniella Watson, and Jessica Weisser.

Cuckoo Quarterly hopes that future editions will attract submissions from all over the world.

Cuckoo welcomes submissions of original writing by writers under the age of 19. They encourage everything from poetry to prose, short stories to movie reviews, opinion to imagination. It can be work that fits the categories laid out in previous editions or entirely different; don’t feel constrained by form or genre. The deadline for the next issue is December 21.
Published November 23, 2011
Founded by Kelly Forsythe and Kat Sanchez, Phantom Limb is a new online magazine of poetry, "dedicated to publishing good poems."

The inagural issue features poems by Holly Amos, Michael Haight, Jeffrey Allen, Stephen Danos, Kayla Sargeson, y madrone, Jordan Conrad, Dolly Lemke, Late Litterer, Nathan Breitling, Camiele White, Izzy Oneiric, Steve Henry, Jessica Dyer, Chelsea Kurnick, Kristin Ravel, and Sarah Kelley.

Submissions are open until June 1, 2012 for the Fall 2012 issue.

[Phantom Limb image design: Jeffrey Allen]
Published November 22, 2011
Founded and edited by Rebekah Hall and Steve Owen, Mixer Publishing is a new small press that publishes a new online magazine - mixer - every other month (bimonthly), one themed print anthology a year, and 1-2 limited edition novels/novellas a year. mixer is supported by a dedicated group of editors who each specialize in a specific genre.

Owen writes, "mixer is a 'literary genre' magazine that seeks to break the boundaries between genre fiction and literature. Many writers and readers desire something 'in-between' these two limited choices: a mix of entertainment and art. mixer's mission is to appeal to genre fans and literati alike because our goal is to expand the market by appealing to a wider range of tastes and sensibilities than the traditional literary magazine. Our stories and poems either do something fresh or interesting with language, or mix forms in new ways. For example: A realist story that upends the traditional epiphany form. Or a romantic noir written in lyrical prose. Or a horrific black comedy written in a realistic, minimalist style. Or a poem that eschews the pastoral and works against tradition by playing with popular genre or iconoclasm."

As a literary site, mixer does not currently plan on archiving issues by date. Rather, as a genre-based publication, old stories will be "archived" in the order they were published (from new to old) under each genre section (realism, romance, horror, noir, poetry, etc).

A short list the noteworthy online contributors to date include: Brian Evenson, Kate Braverman, Kevin Prufer, Daniel Grandbois, Myfanwy Collins, John Jodzio, and Aaron Burch.

Mixer Publishing's first anthology, of Love & Death: heartburn, headaches, & hangovers, also has additional stories from Kate Braverman and Myfanwy Collins, as well as Kirstin Allio.

mixer accepts submissions via Submishmash.
Published November 17, 2011
Editor Kim Hunter-Perkins brings us the prompt, a new online literary magazine that hopes to encourage submissions based on prompts. The editors clarify that they mean "to provide a place for work that often has no place in a traditional literary magazine because of its form or function." That is, writing that is the result of a workshop or writing exercise that is "pretty darned good," but is rejected on the basis of being "too workshoppy."

To further encourage prompt-based writing, and to solicit submissions, the prompt provides an array of prompts, including text prompts, photo prompts, audio prompts and video prompts. If you haven't tried it, it's pretty amazing what a 30-second audio clip can inspire!

the prompt website also includes commentary and resources on a featured form (currently "The Post-Apocalyptic Genre"), and "practical pedagogy" on how teachers can use the prompt in the classroom.

Working to produce a quality publication are Associate Editors Dan Davis, Natalie Doehring, Luke Kingery, Kristi McDuffie, Whitney Noland, Anna-Elise Price, Clint Walker, and Artists in Residence Heidi Butler Mitchell and Christy Blew.

the prompt is accepting submissions of poetry, including flash-based poetry, prose - including fiction and creative non-fiction, and "non-traditional selections" such as scenes, character profiles, "snapshots," etc. The Prompt accepts submissions via Submishmash.
Published November 16, 2011
Founded and edited by Emma Nichols, Pete Viola, and Sean Case Petrichor Review is a new online triannual of poetry, fiction, and art.

The first issue features fiction and poetry by Corey Mesler, G.A. Saindon, Howie Good, James Valvis, Jason Kalmanowitz, John Grey, Joseph Farley, Kyle Hemmings, Larry Gaffney, Len Kuntz, Les Wicks, M. Chandler Rodbro, Matthew Dexter, Paul David Adkins, Peter Marra, Thomas Zimmerman, Valentina Cano, and Walter Campbell, and artwork by Charlotte McKnight, Doris Case, Jim Fuess, Kimberly Marra, Lindsey Buckley, Thomas Zimmerman, and Vinny Carnevale.

Petrichor Review is open for submissions for their next and upcoming issues.
Published November 15, 2011
Edited by Rosemary Badcoe and Noel Williams, Antiphon (UK) is a new online quarterly of poetry and reviews of poetry books. The Antiphon website also includes an online forum for opinions on poems and articles related to poetry.

The inaugural issue offers new work from Catherine Edmunds, Martyn Crucefix, Andrew Shields, Larry Jordan, Angelina Ayers, Jane Røken, Richard Moorhead, James Howard, Michaela Ridgway, Cora Greenhill, Mario Petrucci, Claire Dyer, John C Nash, Janet Fisher, Thomas Zimmerman, Jan Fortune, Brian Edwards, David Harmer, Pippa Little, and David Callin. The publication also features book reviews of works by Christy Ducker, Michael Mackmin and Helena Nelson, and a column called “Debating Point,” with this issue’s focus being: “Truth is beautiful, without doubt; but so are lies.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Submissions are open through Submishmash.

We welcome any/all Feedback.