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Cimarron Review – Issue 147

Issue 147

Weston Cutter

I have such a crush on this literary magazine that it’s not even funny. Two years ago, literally their spring 2002 issue, had a poem by Jennifer Boyden, a poem I fell in love with, and subsequently fell in love with the magazine, and since have read it, oh, quarterly basically (skipped one). I can’t say that each time I’ve found another Jennifer Boyden (seriously: as good as Waldrep, D. Young, OK Davis, Matthea Harvey, you name it), but each time I’ve found poems and fiction to gladly pass time with. This time, of course, is no different: Charles Harper Webb, Dean Kostos, Katherine Riegel, Lauren Goodwin, for example. In the best possible way, this magazine is like the Volvo of lit mags: imagine, literally wrap your head around, 147 issues (that’s, what…37 years? As in: august company, the group of lit mags older than ten years). And it’s never flashy, and I rarely find those ads for it in other journals that brag that the Cimarron Review is some amazing secret, publishing the best and the brightest faster and earlier than everyone else. No, it’s simple: it just publishes, consistently, four times a year, all sorts of work you need, even if you don’t know until that last line, the one that forces the quick inhale of recognition and gladness. [Cimarron Review, 205 Morrill Hall, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK 74078-4069. E-mail: [email protected]. Single issue $7. https://cimarronreview.com/contact_us.html] – WC

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