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Update :: Iron Horse Literary Review

iron_horse News from Iron Horse Literary Review:

In January, we’ll begin publishing five slim chapbooks and an annual summer-read issue (a double-issue) instead of our usual, traditional two-issues-per-year. So our subscribers will receive the best fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and photography we can find, packaged in beautiful books, every August, October, December, February, April, and May. And we’ll be seeking the work from writers like you to fill our six new issues! AND we still pay our contributors: $100 per prose piece; $40 per poem.

Thematic and Open Issues

In addition to increasing the number of issues we produce, we’ll be designating three of our annual six issues as special publications.

• HOLIDAY IRON HORSE: Once a year, we’ll release a holiday Iron Horse, celebrating a designated holiday of our choosing, like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, etc.

• NaPoMo IRON HORSE: Every year in April, we’ll publish an issue in honor of National Poetry Month; it will contain poems by the most respected poets writing today and by
several up-and-coming poets who are starting to garner critical attention.

• SUMMER IRON HORSE: Every year in May, we’ll release a summer issue, one that is slightly longer than the other five. It will contain some great prose and our annual book review section, featuring our editorial staffs summer read recommendations.

Finally, every year, we’ll publish one or two additional thematic issues and one or two open issues: For example, in 2008, our February issue is a Valentine Issue (perfect to send to a loved one as a Valentine), and our August issue will feature manuscripts about school experiences, class reunions, teachers and students.

Email [email protected] for themes and open issue information.

Discovered Voices Award

Each year, Iron Horse gives out three $100-prizes to graduate students currently enrolled in AWP-affiliated programs. These programs may nominate one poet (3-5 poems), one fiction writer (one story up to 20 pages), and one nonfiction writer (one essay up to 20 pages). We will select a winner from each genre. Applications must be accompanied by a letter from the program’s director, and they should include the students’ contact information and bio statements. Applications are due Feb. 15 of each year.

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