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The Beats Persist at Third Mind Books

Third Mind Books is self-proclaimed as “Your Primary Source for Beat Literature.” It’s the result of Arthur S. Nusbaum’s lifetime of involvement in beat literature, including having met many of the orginal artists of the time: “I am a long-time collector & enthusiast of the Beat Generation & its legacy, with particular emphasis on the life & work of William S. Burroughs.” Nusbaum has developed “a resource by & for the collector-enthusiast that offers desirable, significant rarities for sale. A description of the condition & content of each item is written or extensively edited by myself.” Beat-related writing (essays, interviews, etc.) are posted regularly on the NewsBeat blog (contributions welcomed), and there’s also an area to post “My Wants” and “Your Wants” for Beat materials. Future plans for Third Mind Books include a curated museum with tours (Ann Arbor, MI).

Read more about Nusbaum in this Ann Arbor Chronicle article.

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