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Round Two :: Sport Literate is Back in the Ring

sl2 “After a two-year hiatus, Sport Literate is rising out of the ashes, reaching with all its small-press might to be on a nightstand near you. Sport Literate is a literary journal focusing on ‘honest reflections on life’s leisurely diversions.’ Since its humble genesis, Sport Literate has sought to publish the best writing about how people pass their free time. We read elements of story in all sport; we are less interested in the final score than in figuring out why we play in the first place. Through memories, dialogue recast, and real-life characters rendered as accurately as possible on the page, our poets and writers tell true tales artistically. Our definition of sport is broad, literary excellence is our only criterion, and our loyalties lie with a story unforgettably told.”

Currently on the site: “What would Bronko Nagurski do?” Football Contest

“Called by some the greatest football player of all time, Bronko Nagurski, an old Chicago Bear, an original Midway Monster, would surely share his story with Sport Literate. A Chicago-based journal that’s been cracking literary skulls since 1995, Sport Literate (SL) is perhaps the nation’s lone literary magazine focusing on the creative nonfiction exploration of sports. There’s some poetry, too, but we want the truth. We can handle the truth. So send us your football best. Winner will be chosen by none other than Lee Gutkind of Creative Nonfiction.”

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