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Pongo :: Warm Smiles in Winter

Pongo’s latest journal entry is “Warm Smiles in Winter,” about a recent poetry workshop with incarcerated women…

Pongo Teen Writing Project has many writing activities and resources on their website for teens, counselors, and teachers.

Some other recent Project Journal posts:

Watching Her and Her (Pongo Prize poetry, about a young woman who witnesses her mother’s struggle with addiction)

The Quieter We Become (about a Pongo volunteer in the psychiatric hospital who describes “holding the unholdable”)

Approaching the Trauma, Not the Crime (about a Pongo volunteer in detention who confronts the legacy of violence in his life)

Love Is a Useless Puppy (Pongo Prize poetry, about a young woman’s love for a boy who treats her badly)

Cops (about police officers who come to understand their own unprocessed trauma after violence and death)

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