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Poetry & The News

rattle-45-fall-2014Thanks to Rattle, “poetry is back in the news” with their online feature Poets Respond. While the editors of Rattle believe that “real poetry is timeless,” there is great opportunity to respond and participate in the conversation of current events that does need to be given a more immediate space. To resolve this, Rattle now publishes poetic responses every Sunday to a public event that has occurred with the last week.

In addition to the written work, Rattle also includes an audio of the poet reading for most of the poems. Some recent features: Mark Smith-Soto “Streamers” – in response to birds in California being ignited in flight by solar panels; Sonia Greenfield “Corpse Flower” – In Memoriam James Foley; Gabrielle Bates “Of the Lamp” – For Robin Williams; Jason McCall “Roll Call for Michael Brown”; Marjorie Lotfi Gill “Picture of Girl and Small Boy (Burij, Gaza).”

Selected poets receive $25. Submissions must be received before Friday midnight.

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