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New Lit on the Block :: Jackson Hole Review

Twice yearly in print and online (aXmag), The Jackson Hole Review publishes fiction, essays, poetry and visual arts emphasizing themes relative to the West in a broad sense: “Small towns and mountain towns from the Rockies to the Great Smokies share their quest for the American identity with the neighborhoods of the Midwest and the coasts, whether city or suburb.”

The inaugural Spring 2011 issue is themed Connect/Disconnect. Author Kim Barnes has observed, “There are so many ways in which the West – or at least the idea of the West – is a study in contradictions. We are both nomadic and desirous to put down roots… We want both community and isolation.”

Contributors include Diana Smith, Kirk Vandyke, Jacob Routzahn, Patty Somlo, Tricia Louvar, Caroline Treadwell, Jessica S. Tanguay, Sarah Wang, Courtney Gustafson, Dulco Jacobs, Elizabeth Tinker, Nicole Burdick, Linda Hazen, Marcia Casey, Susan Marsh, Devin Murphy, Jennifer Minniti-Shippey, Cal Grayson, Alexandra Rose Kornblum, Thomas Macker, and Mike Bressler.

Behind the scenes, Jackson Hole Review is made up of Editor-in-Chief Matthew Irwin, Managing Editor Amy Early, Art Director Benjamin Carlson, Associate Editors Benjamin Bombard and Robyn Vincent, Contributing Editors Nicole Burdick, Marcia Casey, Robin Early, Linda Hazel, Sarah Kilby, and Publisher Mary Grossman, Planet Jackson Hole, Inc., Jackson, Wyoming.

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