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Call for Submissions :: Responses to Ebola

pdjdwkteFrom Broadsided Press:

The impact of the Ebola virus is devastating. People around the world are mustering to offer aid. In addition to physical and monetary assistance, we can offer solidarity, hope, and art. These things matter, too.

At Broadsided Press, we believe art and literature are as necessary as the news to understanding the world. They demonstrate the vitality of our interconnectedness.

Broadsided Press artists Ira Joel Haber, Amy Meissner, and Maura Cunningham (see below) have offered artwork in response to the ongoing Ebola outbreak.

We now invite you to respond with words.

Send us stories or poems inspired by the images we’ve posted (along with guidelines) at Broadsided Responses: Ebola

Deadline: November 20, 2014

No fee for entry.

Please share this announcement widely. We’d like to welcome as many people as we can to participate.

Spread the word!