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Call for LGBT Essay Submissions

Paul Fahey is looking for a few more submissions to prepare his anthology for his agent to pitch. The book proposed is THE OTHER MAN: Twenty Writers Uncover the Truth About Sex, Deception, Love and Betrayal. This is a companion volume to Vitoria Zackheim’s THE OTHER WOMAN collection of essays.

THE OTHER MAN anthology is a compendium by and about gay men and their relationships, specifically their either being the other man, suffering the other man or having their lives affected in some way by infidelity.


He’s a trespasser, an interloper, the peckerwood who gets between you and your lover, partner or mate. The male equivalent of Cleopatra, Mae West and Jessica Rabbit rolled into one threatening package. He charges into a committed relationship without a thought to the pain and misery he inflicts on the injured parties.

Sometimes, the other man is guilty of nothing more than falling in love with the wrong person – or the right person at the wrong time. And sometimes the other man is YOU. We are not all victims in other man scenarios.

In THE OTHER MAN anthology, twenty gay men write candidly about either being the other man, suffering the other man, or in some way having their lives affected by infidelity. Felice Picano, David Pratt, Tom Mendicino, Erik Orriantia, Tom Mournian, T.J. Parsell, and others dig deep to discover the truth about this OTHER MAN phenomenon. In their funny, poignant, and highly memorable pieces, these acclaimed writers explore the terrain of this sexy, yet unpredictable being.

Personal essays ONLY (4,000 words MAX).

Please send an email, expressing your interest in the anthology and a 100-word bio including publications and awards if appropriate, to Paul Fahey: paul1189-at-sbcglobal.net

Deadline: July 31, 2011

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