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received December 05, 2016

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received December 05, 2016

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  • The Antigonish Review - Autumn 2016 - mag stand

    Winners of the annual Great Blue Heron Poetry and Sheldon Currie Fiction Contests. Other highlights of this issue: Sharon Goldberg “In the Eye of a Tornado”; Mark Grenon Reviews Joshua Trotter's Mission Creep; Vince Small The Soul You Save; Plus Copyright Legislation, Ruined Elegance, Strays And More.

  • Banipal - Autumn/Winter 2016 - mag stand
    • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 57, Autumn/Winter 2016

    Syria in the Heart

  • The Cincinnati Review - Winter 2017 - mag stand

    Includes new fiction from Steve Almond, a series of poems by Marilyn Nelson, translations of work by Hebrew poet Tuvia Ruebner, and reviews of three recent poetry collections and three coming of age novels.

  • decomP - December 2016 - mag stand
    • Volume/Number/Issue/Date December 2016 online

    Our latest issue features new work by Michael Albright, Michelle Askin, Anna Bernstein, Alan Chazaro, Adam Edelman, Ivana Flores, Nicolas Poynter, Michael Putnam, Jack Somers, and Kelly Grace Thomas. Also, our critic, Spencer Dew, reviews Amy Strauss Friedman's Gathered Bones Are Known to Wander, Matthew Nye's Pike and Bloom, and Sarah Sarai's Geographies of Soul and Taffeta.

  • Fence - Fall/Winter 2016 - mag stand
    • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 18 Number 1, Fall/Winter 2016
  • Five Points - Volume 17 Number 3 - mag stand
    • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 17 Number 3, 2016

    Celebrating Twenty Years of Publishing

  • Freefall - Fall/Winter 2016 - mag stand
    • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Volume 26 Number 3, Fall/Winter 2016

    Our final issue in our 26th anniversary suite features notable writers John Wall Barger and Vivian Hansen. Included are interviews with Stephen Henighan and Cassy Welburn.

  • Isthmus - Spring/Summer 2016 - mag stand
    • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 5, Spring/Summer 2016

    This issue centers on themes of communication, such as: misunderstandings between cultures, fraught silence among family members, or making revelations to former versions of oneself. Work from Christopher Evans, Caitlin Corrigan, Barbara Haas, Sari Fordham, Paul Freidinger, Cynthia Nichols, and Tim Suermondt, among others.

  • Lowestoft Chronicle - Winter 2016 - mag stand

    From hospital wards in Singapore, and lost motorcyclists in rural Thailand, to luxurious rehabilitation centers in Switzerland, the Winter edition of trendy travel-themed Lowestoft Chronicle features short stories by Elaine Barnard, Robert Boucheron, Charles Edward Brooks, Daniel DeLeón, Sam Grieve, Victor Robert Lee, Louise Turan, and David A. Watson; poetry by James B. Nicola; and creative nonfiction by Nick Harden and Mike Nagel. Plus, an exclusive interview with mystery author James R. Benn.

  • Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine - December 2016 - mag stand

    This issue features poetry from 19 writers, as well as a review of the short story collection “Briefs” by Alan Semrow.

  • Poetry East - Autumn 2016 - mag stand
    • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Numbers 88 & 89, Autumn 2016


  • Right Hand Pointing - November 2016 - mag stand

    “Reconsidering Orange”

  • The Rusty Toque - November 2016 - mag stand
    • Volume/Number/Issue/Date Issue 11, November 2016 online

    Visual art by Dagmara Genda, Keith Jones, Adriana Kuiper & Ryan Suter, Lisa Neighbour, Shelley Niro, Terry Piercy; poetry reviews by Kateri Lanthier and Geoffrey Morrison; fiction reviews by Andre Forget, Marcie McCauley, and Joseph Schreiber; and cover art by Keith Jones.

Alternative Magazines
received December 05, 2016

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