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Yoga International Magazine cover

Yoga International Magazine

(Formerly Yoga + Joyful Living)

952 Bethany Turnpike

Honesdale, PA  18431

Phone: (570) 253-4929



ISSN: 7148602880 Founded: 1991 Issues per year: 4 Distributors: Curtis Circulation Copy Price: $4.99 Subscription (Individuals): $15

Publisher’s Description: Yoga International applies the timeless teachings of yoga to more than just physical postures; it delves into every aspect of conscious living. Each issue fuses expert advice, narrative journalism, and inspi-rational essays with exquisite visuals to show how the ancient wisdom of yoga can be a force of change in the modern world. Philosophical insights, asana and meditation instruction, eco-updates, natural health advice, and compelling pro-files help readers deepen their practice and live their values.