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Utne magazine

A different read on life

12 North 12th Street, Suite 400

Minneapolis, MN  55403

Phone: (612) 338-5040

Web: www.utne.com

ISSN: 2527473926 Founded: 1984 Issues per year: 6 Distributors: One Source, Small Changes, Ingram Periodicals Copy Price: $4.99 Subscription: $36

Publisher’s Description: Since 1984, readers have turned to Utne for coverage that includes everything from the environment to the economy and from politics to pop culture— ideas that are just beginning to breakthrough. And trends our culture is obsessing about. Or just about to.

To prepare for each issue, editors dive into 1,500 independent magazines, books, newsletters, ‘zines, blogs and web sites. The best of the independent press is reprinted— and stories that reflect trends just coming to light are written and appear as original work.

Utne is a vital resource for people who want more than the mainstream media has to offer—and who are passionate about living at the forefront of progressive culture.