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Social Anarchism cover

Social Anarchism

The magazine of current anarchist writing

2743 Maryland Ave.

Baltimore, MD  21218

Phone: (410) 243-6987



ISSN: 0196-4801 Founded: 1981 Issues per year: 2 Distributors: Ubiquity, Doormouse, AK Distribution. Copy Price: $6 Subscription (Individuals & Libraries): $20 (4 issues)

Publisher’s Description: Social Anarchism, continuously published since 1981, is the premier magazine of current anarchist writing. Each perfect bound issue contains three feature articles blending commentary on theory and practice. Additionally there is often a historical essay, an exchange section on hot topics, and one or two article-length book review essays. In our highly regarded book review section, we review 10-15 new books of relevance to anarchists and radicals in each issue. Letters to the editor and poetry generally round out the magazine.

Unique among political journals, SA submissions are reviewed by two or more readers chosen from our national advisory board of editors. The board represents community activists, independent intellectuals, and academics. Our editorial policy is oriented to developing anarchist theory and practice by analyzing nonviolence and resistance, social ecology, education and the mass media, feminism, race/ethnic relations and multiculturalism.

SA articles have been widely reprinted internationally. Our contributors are among the leading writers in the US, Canada, Australia, England, and France.