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In These Times cover

In These Times

2040 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Chicago, IL  60647

Phone: (773) 772-0100



ISSN: 0160-5992 Founded: 1976 Issues per year: 12 Distributors: Big Top, Ingram, Ubiquity Copy Price: $2.95 Subscription 1 year: $24.95

Publisher’s Description: In These Times is dedicated to informing and analyzing popular movements for social, environmental and economic justice; to providing a forum for discussing the politics that shape our lives; and to producing a magazine that is read by the broadest and most diverse audience possible.

In 1976, author and historian James Weinstein founded In These Times with the mission to “identify and clarify the struggles against corporate power now multiplying in American society.” Twenty-eight years after its founding, In These Times adheres to the belief that to thrive, a progressive political movement needs its own media to inform, educate and orient itself.

A dedication to independent journalism based on progressive values is one of the primary characteristics separating In These Times from the conventional, corporate and increasingly embedded media. Since its founding, In These Times has distinguished itself by producing high-quality journalism that treats women, communities of color, working people and other groups ignored by the mainstream media as legitimate audiences, sources and subjects for the news.

The late Sen. Paul Wellstone put it this way: “Meaningful democracy cannot survive without the free flow of information, even (or especially) when that information threatens the privileged and the powerful. At a time of growing media concentration, In These Times is an invaluable source of news and information that the corporate media would too often prefer to ignore.”