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Home Education Magazine

Post Office Box 1083

Tonasket, WA  98855-1083

Phone: (509) 486-0453

E-mail: Info@homeedmag.com

Web: http://www.homeedmag.com

ISSN: 0888-4633 Founded: 1984 Issues per year: 6 Distributors: OneSource, Small Changes, Ubiquity Copy Price: $6.50 Subscription 1 year: $32 - Ongoing specials at website

Publisher’s Description: Home Education Magazine is the oldest, most respected, and most informative homeschooling magazine.

Founded by a homeschooling family in 1983 and still published by the founders, every issue includes 8-10 feature articles which address the interests and the concerns of homeschooling parents, plus several regular columns, reviews, interviews and other content.

This multiple award-winning magazine brings a common sense approach and reassuring support to readers in issue after information-packed issue. The editors, staff and writers are veteran homeschooling parents with a passion for sharing what works, what doesn't, what to look for and what to avoid. For over two decades this magazine has published writing that has consistently helped families address concerns about learning styles and methods, socialization, curriculum, legal and political issues, higher education and much, much more.

Home Education Magazine also provides a connection to the wider homeschooling community through weblogs, email discussion lists and forums, support group listings and ongoing networking through the American Homeschool Association. In over 28 years of publishing, Home Education Magazine has become a trusted name in homeschooling, providing subscribers with information that encourages families and strengthens the homeschool movement.

If you're teaching your children at home you should be reading this magazine!