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310 Riverside Drive

Suite 2008

New York, NY  10025

Phone: (212) 316-3120

E-mail: editors@dissentmagazine.org

Web: www.dissentmagazine.org

ISSN: 0012-3846 Founded: 1954 Issues per year: 4 Distributors: Ingram Periodicals; Armadillo & Co.; Central Books (UK) Copy Price: $7.50. Subscription (Individuals): $25 Subscription (Libraries): $49

Publisher’s Description: A magazine of the left, Dissent is also a magazine of independent minds. A magazine of strong opinions, Dissent is also a magazine that welcomes the clash of strong opinions.

Dissent will challenge you, inform you, and engage you in ways that other publications won’t. You can depend on fearless, no-holds-barred debate among writers of like convictions but not like minds. Dissent is a forum for those genuinely committed to the issues important to liberals and the left.

Each issue features reflective articles about politics in the United States, incisive social and cultural commentary, plus the most sophisticated coverage of foreign politics you will find anywhere outside of Europe. As the Utne Reader says, "Politics, economics, and culture come together in every article, giving the entire publication a balance most political journals lack."