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a journal of desire armed

PO Box 3448

Berkeley, CA 94703

E-mail: editor@anarchymag<dot> rg


Simultaneous submissions: no Email submissions: yes Reading period: year round Response time: a month Payment: copies Contests: no Founded: 1978 Issues per year: 2 Distributors: multiple info shops and independent bookstores Copy price: $8 Average pages: 80 Sample price (postpaid): $10 Subscription (individuals) 2 years: $28 Subscription (institutions) 2 years: $48

Publisher’s description: Anarchy in known as a critical magazine -- reviewing and challenging a wide range of projects from distinctly anarchist perspectives. The publication is anti-ideological, green- and insurrectionary-friendly. It features essays; zine, book, and film reviews; letters; analysis of recent events from around the world, and columns, and writers include people like Lawrence Jarach, Aragorn!, Dot Matrix, John Zerzan, and Wolfi Landstreicher, among many others.

Recent issues:

Anarchy #70/71 is out now, perfect bound and 100 pages. In this issue we have three separate takes on the now-infamous book The Coming Insurrection as well as book and media reviews, columns, and letters to the editor. Sample issues are $10 postpaid. Visit us at

68/69 featues essays by Monsieur Dupont, Lawrence Jarach, and Jason McQuinn; plus regular columns, book reviews, media reviews, and letters