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a Common Place

P.O. Box 500

21 S. 12th Street

Akron, PA  17501 USA

Phone: (717) 859-1151

E-mail: acp@mcc.org

Web: mcc.org/acp

ISSN: none Founded: 1995 Issues per year: 4 Copy Price: free to anyone who requests it. Subscription (Individuals & Libraries): free to anyone who requests it.

Publisher’s Description: It's your world! Experience it in a Common Place magazine.

a Common Place magazine introduces the people, programs and vision of Mennonite Central Committee (MCC). MCC is a relief, service, community development and peace organization with some 1,200 workers serving in 55 countries. MCC is sponsored by North American Mennonite and Brethren in Christ churches.

Each issue of a Common Place magazine brings you:

  • Stories from the world's hot spots and its remote corners
  • Country profiles, including recipes and activities for children
  • Inspiring accounts of people living out their faith in extraordinary circumstances
  • Spectacular photography from far-flung locales
  • Ways you can make a difference