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About Witness: Witness is a publication of the Black Mountain Institute and is affiliated with the creative writing doctoral program at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Contact Information:

Editors: Maile Chapman, Joseph Langdon, David Armstrong, Colby Gillette

Black Mountain Institute

4505 S Maryland Pkwy

Box 455085

Las Vegas, NV 89154-5085

Phone: (702) 895-5542

Email: witness[at]unlv[dot]edu

Website: witness.blackmountaininstitute.org

Submission/Subscription Information:

Genres: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, translations, photography

Simultaneous submissions: yes Email submissions: no Online submissions: yes (see website) Reading period: 1/1-3/31, 9/1-12/1 Response time: 3-4 months Payment: yes (see website) Contests: no ISSN: 0891-1371 Founded: 1987 Issues per year: 3 Distributors: Ingram, Armadillo Trading Co, Ubiquity Copy price: $14 Sample price (postpaid): $14 Average pages: 250 Subscription (ind/inst) 1 year: $10

Publisher's description: Named one of the top 50 literary journals of 2012 by Every Writer’s Resource and hailed by NewPages reviewers as “consistently high quality” and “provocatively responsible,” Witness showcases stories, poetry, literary nonfiction, and photography that bears witness to changing times. Special issues have, among a broad range of topics, given voice to prison writings, crisscrossed the increasingly blurred borders of national and ethnic identity, and dissected the captivating lure of celebrity culture.

Launched in Detroit in 1987, Witness moved in 2007 to the Black Mountain Institute at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and is now affiliated with the school’s prestigious creative writing doctoral program. The magazine publishes one themed print issue and two general online issues each year. Works that first appeared in Witness have recently been featured in anthologies such as Best American Poetry 2013 and The PEN / O. Henry Prize Stories 2012.

Recent Issues:

In the Spring 2014 issue you’ll find fiction by Bipin Aurora, Elvis Beog, Heidi Diehl, David Driscoll, Elizabeth Eslami, James Gallant, Almasi Hines, Ariana-Sophia Kartsonis, Maxim Loskutoff, David Rutschman, and Sarah Strickley; poetry by Amaranth Borsuk, Peter Burghardt, Joseph Chapman, A.E. Clark, Peter Covino, Kathryn Cowles, Graham Foust, Laura McCullough, Sandra Meek, James Meetze, Andrew S. Nicholson, Nate Pritts, Mike White, and Felcia Zamora; nonfiction by Jonathan Fink, Leslie Jamison, Jeff Parker, and Sarah Salway; and excerpts from Timothy O’Grady and Albena Stambolova.

From a gay Catholic priest to a sadistic school teacher to a failed horse assassin, redemption takes many forms in our current issue [Spring 2013], featuring stories, poems, and essays by Elise Blackwell, Ihab Hassan, Kris Saknussem, Zach Savich, and many others.


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