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About Ruminate: Ruminate is for everyone who has paused over a good word, a real story, a perfect brushstroke—longing for the significance they point us toward.

Contact Information:

140 N. Roosevelt Ave.

Fort Collins, CO  80521

Phone: (970) 449-2726




Twitter: @RuminateMag

Submission/Subscription Information:

ISSN: 1932-6130 Founded: 2006 Issues per year: 4 Copy price: $9 Average pages: 65 Sample price (postpaid): $9 Subscription (Ind) 1 yr: $32 (US) $42 (Int'l) Subscription (Inst) 1 yr: $35

Publisher’s description: Ruminate is a quarterly magazine situated at the intersection of art and the Christian faith. We publish short stories, poetry, creative nonfiction, visual art, and book reviews.

Author David James Duncan calls Ruminate "A substantive and attractive magazine," and author Bret Lott says the writing is "resonant and mysterious."

In a review on NewPages, Rachel King writes: “Ruminate’s layout is beautiful: almost trade magazine size but sturdier, writing centered on white or grey or black pages . . . sketches littered between poems and an essay and a short story. The journal’s writing is equally beautiful."

Sample contributors include Fredrick Buechner, Scott Cairns, Luci Shaw, David James Duncan, Susanna Childress, and Shann Ray.

With fresh content and hand-wrought design Ruminate hopes to create an intimate alternative to the standard literary journal as well as challenge the assumptions about typical spiritual literature. So come, and chew the cud with us!

Recent issues:

“Clearing it Out” (Issue 32, Summer 2014) features poetry by Ae Hee Lee, Noel Sloboda, Megan Denton, Jeff Reed, Rhonda Parrish, Kendra Langdon Juskus, Hannah Nguyen, Andrew Johnson, Janet McCann, and Mark Parlette; nonfiction by Jessie van Eerden, Robert Rebein, and Amy Nolan; reviews; and visual art by Randy Horst and Scott Laumann.

Our theme for this Spring 2014 issue is “Always, we begin again,” a phrase that is often attributed to Saint Benedict, but it is actually more a reflection on the spirit of the Rule than a direct quote. Saint Benedict calls the Rule a “little rule that we have written for beginners.” I love this embracing of both the “little” and the “beginners,” and it seems fitting that a little magazine like ours could give space and attention to what it means to begin again. Featuring poetry by Laura Sobbott-Ŕoss, fiction by Kimberly Priske, visual art by Micah Bloom, and more.

The Winter 2013-14 issue features poetry by Kit Soleil, Marci Rae Johnson, Rob Cook, Rachel Heimowitz, Julia Cariño, Brad Davis, David Faldet, Kevin McLellan, Abigail Carroll, Joseph Fasano, John Blair, and Timothy Kercher; fiction by Eric Sheridan Wyatt and Michelle Webster-Hein; a review by Rita Jones; and visual art by Alla Bartoshchuk, Steve A. Prince, and Ashley Norwood Cooper.


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