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River Teeth:

A Journal of Nonfiction Narrative

About River Teeth: River Teeth - Where good writing counts and facts matter.

Contact Information:

401 College Avenue

Ashland, OH  44805

Phone: 419-289-5957

Email: riverteeth@ashland.edu

Web: www.riverteethjournal.com

Submission/Subscription Information:

Simultaneous submissions: yes Email submissions: no Online submissions: yes (see website) Reading period: 9/1-5/31 Response time: 6-9 months Payment: Copies Contests: yes (see website) ISSN: 1544-1849 Founded: 1999 Issues per year: 2 Distributors: Ashland University Average pages: 150 Copy price: $16 Sample price (postpaid): $16 Subscription (Ind) 1 year: $25 Subscription (Inst) 1 year: $65

Publisher’s description: River Teeth is a biannual creative nonfiction journal co-edited by Joe Mackall and Dan Lehman with the assistance of students in the low-residency MFA program at Ashland University. 

Founded in 1999, River Teeth combines the best of creative nonfiction, including narrative reportage, essays, and memoirs, as well as critical essays that examine the genre and that explore the impact of nonfiction narrative on the lives of its writers, subjects, and readers. Two pieces from Volume 13 Number 2 have been selected for reprint in Best American Essays 2013.

River Teeth is looking for good writing. That’s all. We publish the best-of-the-best, which includes names you’d recognize in a second as well as writers who are making their first appearance in print. If it’s good writing, it’s good for us.  Please don’t send us poetry or fiction - there are plenty of good journals publishing these genres, so why waste your time sending to a place that doesn’t?

River Teeth is published by Ashland University.

Recent issues:

15.2, Spring 2014 features essays with fish, roosters, hummingbirds, bombs, kids, truthiness, grandkids, owls, spinning, water, and curiosity... the same broad range readers come to expect from River Teeth. Featuring work by Marley Andino, Chelsea Biondolillo, Christopher Bundy, Steven Church, Penny Guisinger, Michelle Herman, Keith Lesmeister, Joe Mackall, Brenda Miller, Leila Philip, Kim Todd, and Nicole Walker.

15.1, Fall 2013 features work by Michelle Webster-Hein, Brian Doyle, Mark Liebenow, Jesse Bordoni, Chris Offutt, Daniel W. Lehman, Beth Peterson, Debie Thomas, Helen Wallace, Bettye Kearse, Aaron Poor, Katie Fallon, and Seth Sawyers, as well as an interview with Chris Offutt.

14.2, Spring 2013 features the work of Philip Gerard ("On Fire for Research"), Sonja Livingston ("Something Like Joy"), Richard Goodman ("Sarah Wills") and Jackson Connor ("A Good Weapon"), and additional pieces by Amy A. Whitcomb, Kirk Wilson, Glenn Moomau, Marilyn Bousquin, Kathryn Wilder, and A. Sandosharaj.


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