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The Poetry Forum

About RHINO: Features innovative poetry, short shorts and translations. Literary Magazine Review believes RHINO is “an annual that anyone interested in American poetry should attend to.”

Contact Information:

PO Box 591

Evanston, IL  60204

Email: editors[at]rhinopoetry[dot]org

Web: www.rhinopoetry.org

Submission/Subscription Information:

Simultaneous submissions: yes Email submissions: no Reading period: 4/1-10/1 Response time: 4-6 months Payment: copies Contests: yes (see website) ISSN: 1521-8414 Founded: 1976 Issues per year: 1 Average pages: 180 Sample copy (postpaid): $12 Cover Price: $12 Subscription: $12

Publisher’s Description: RHINO—the little magazine with the big horn—is an award-winning independent annual featuring poetry, short shorts and translations. Visit our website to read excerpts and purchase the latest RHINO —a volume of sometimes sublime, frequently surprising work. Each annual edition contains work from more than 60 writers, and we are proud of our track-record in publishing both talented newcomers and established writers. RHINO has won eight Illinois Literary Awards, and we encourage regional talent while listening to voices from around the world. Consistent qualities found within our widely diverse annual include humor, eccentricity, thoughtfulness and a love of language.

Literary Magazine Review believes we are “an annual that anyone interested in American poetry should attend to,” and NewPages describes RHINO as: “Interesting and courageous, the works here throw off the mantles of either extreme academe or extreme experimentalism, and instead embrace their own bracing truths.” Recent contributors include Denise Duhamel, Arielle Greenberg, Michael Hettich, Joel Long, Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Ricardo Pau-Llosa, F. Daniel Rzicznek, John Sweet, and Matthew Thorburn.

RHINO also presents monthly workshops, plus various readings and open mics, all detailed on our website. Annual Editors’ Prizes recognize exceptional work published in RHINO, and our new contest for the RHINO Founder's Poetry Prize rewards distinct voices in poetry.

Recent issues:

RHINO’s 2013 issue features the winners of the Editors’ Prizes for 2013. First Prize: Rodney Gomez for “Drag Racer.” Second Prize: Kristin Robertson for “Hyoid Bone.” Honorable Mention: Claudia Cortese for “Lucy tells the boy to suck.” The issue also features work from Anne Barngrover, Kathleen Boyle, Jeff Burt, Sean Howard, Liz Kay, Sophie Klahr, Gail Martin, Adam McGee, Matthew Murrey, Jeff Oaks, Rikki Santer, Sara Talpos, Sidney Thompson, Bill Yarrow, and many more.

The 2012 issue features winners of the Founders' Prize and Editors' Prize contests, plus work by James Tadd Adcox, Neil Aitken, Holly Amos, Kate Asche, Ruth Awad, Ace Boggess, Bill Christopherson, Nina Corwin, Joseph Chapman, Nguyen Quoc Chanh translated by Hai-Dang Phan, Trina Burke, Marion Boyer, Eric Higgins, Christine Hamm, and many more.


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