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A Journal of Contemporary Poetry

About Plume: Plume publishes the very best contemporary poetry: national and international voices presented in monthly issues with twelve poets contributing one poem each.

Contact Information:

740 17th Ave. N.

Saint Petersburg, FL 33704

Phone: (727) 822-7265

Email: plumepoetry[at]gmail[dot]com


Submission/Subscription Information:

Simultaneous submissions: yes Email submissions: yes Online submissions: yes Reading period: year-round Response time: 1-4 weeks Payment: no Contests: no Founded: 2011 Issues per year: 12 Print issues: 1 annually

Publisher’s description: Plume: A Journal of Contemporary Poetry publishes the best available poetry, nationally and internationally. We publish only twelve poems each month, one each by twelve poets, online. Plume is now in print annually with the Plume Anthology of Poetry.

Recent contributors include Alicia Ostriker, Amy Gerstler, Stuart Dybek, Carl Dennis, Denise Duhamel, Terese Svoboda, G.C. Waldrep, Thomas Lux, Nin Andrews, Kimberly Johnson, Charles Bernstein, Christopher Kennedy, Jean-Michel Maulpoix, Rae Armantrout, Maureen McLane, Stephen Dunn, Elaine Equi, Linda Pastan, Lawrence Raab, Donald Revell, Keith Waldrop, Peter Cooley, Jay Parini, Peter Meinke, and Mary Sarishvili, Angie Estes, Diane Wakoski, Tess Gallagher, Dennis Nurkse, Susan Elizabeth Howe, Cornelius Eady, J.T. Barbarese, Kimiko Hahn, Maxine Chernoff, David Rivard, James Bertolino, Maura Stanton, R.T. Smith, Georges Perros, Daniel Tobin, Cole Swenson, Clair Malroux/Diane Hacker, Ron Smith, Ralph Angel, Christina Davis, Mark Wunderlich, Carol Muske-Dukes, Daniel Bosch, Kevin Prufer, Lidija Dimskova, Hank Lazar, Kuno Raeber, Laird Hunt, Sylva Fischerova, Mark Irwin, David Huddle, Michael Collier, Mary Szybist, Ron Slate, Lydia Davis, Paul Muldoon, Eduardo Chirinos, Jeffrey Skinner, John Kinsella, Bob Hicok, Timothy Liu, among others. Issues 7-12 feature cover art by Laurie Simmons while issues 13-18 feature cover art by Sarah Charlesworth.

A few remarks from our readers and contributors:

"Plume has a fine spirit and feel to it...The issue you've presented lives up to its ambitious statement of purpose- which is saying not a little." ~ Roseanna Warren

"A thing of beauty" ~ G.C. Waldrep

"Your first issue is a knockout, and the site very handsome." ~ Patrick Donnelly

"The issue is beautiful, and I'm impressed by the way you've managed both aesthetic range and a sense of holistic synthesis. Looking forward to the next one. And there are a couple of books on the reading list that I didn't know before, and I'm delighted to have been pointed toward them." ~ Kimberly Johnson

Recent issues:

After this issue’s piece (issue 34) from Hank Lazer, a Featured Selection from Amit Majmudar. New in the pipeline are Andre du Buchet, translated by Hoyt Rogers and Paul Auster, and Linda Pastan. Finally, new work received this month includes pieces from Kazim Ali, Daniel Bourne, Stuart Friebert, Jeffrey Greene, Michael Burkhard, Karl Kirchwey, Gail Mazur, Tadeusz Dziewanowski (translated by Daniel Bourne), Katie Ford, Ron Smith, Andre du Bouchet (translated by Hoyt Rogers and Paul Auster), Dorianne Laux, Chris Shipman, Emmanuel Moses (translated by Marilyn Hacker), William Trowbridge, Stephen Gibson, Joseph Millar, Linda Bierds, Arthur Vogelsang, and Mary Ruefle.

After this issue’s selection (issue 33) from Page Hill Starzinger, a multi-media Featured Selection from Hank Lazer, and the aforementioned selection from Amit Majmudar. New in the pipeline is Nin Andrews, with a series of “The Orgasm” poems. Others on tap have been mentioned previously, but look for Brian Swann and James Richardson soon. New work received this month includes pieces from Gerry La Femina, Molly Peacock, Peter Campion, Lorenzo Calogero (translated by John Taylor), Dara Wier, Rainer Maria Rilke (new translations from Len Krisak, who also contributes one of his own poems), Philip Fried, Teresa Cader, Philis Levin, Max Winter, Sally Ball, and Peter Meinke.

After this issue’s Featured Selection (issue 32) by Martha Collins, a dazzling project from Hank Lazer. Several more features are in the pipeline. Finally, new work received this month includes pieces from Barbara Hamby, Brian Culhane, Glenn Mott, Kwame Dawes, Kathleen Graber, Erika Meitner, John Kinsella, Henry Israel, Christina Pugh, and Kathleen Ossip.


last updated 04/21/2014