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About Nowhere: Nowhere is a quarterly journal of photography, art, and literary travel writing. We’ve run stories about the longest sea voyage in history and kidnappings in Libya. Each story is illustrated with found objects brought back from the trip.

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Editor: Porter Fox

Nowhere Publishing LLC



Submission/Subscription Information:

Formats: online, print, e-pub

Genres: nonfiction, cross-genre, audio, video, photography

Simultaneous submissions: yes (with notice) Postal submissions: no Email submissions: no Online submissions: yes (see website) Reading period: year-round Response time: 4-6 weeks Payment: yes (see website) Contests: yes (see website) Founded: 2009 Issues per year: 4 Copy price: $4.99 Average pages: 100 Subscription (Ind/Inst) 1 year: $17.99

Publisher’s description: Nowhere started as a web zine in 2009. We reached out to our favorite authors and asked for submissions. Then we threw parties in Brooklyn to pay for production costs. Four years later we have 14,000 readers in 129 countries. Our stories are written by authors from Syria, Paris, Haiti, New York, Montana and Libya—about adventures in Iran, Hollywood, Siberia, Japan and more. In November, 2012, we re-launched the magazine as a downloadable digital quarterly.

The new Nowhere is a multi-media digital magazine—designed specifically for the iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Nook, Galaxy and every other brand of tablet. (You can still read the magazine on a computer; just download the PDF.) The new format includes embedded multi-media content, high-resolution imagery, and several new departments.

Founder and Editor Porter Fox has worked as a travel journalist for 17 years. He created Nowhere with a group of like-minded writers, editors, and designers to create a new kind of travel magazine—something more engaging, authentic, and diverse. The magazine publishes five to 10 articles in each issue, including travelogues, journal excerpts, profiles, conversations, reviews, and even notes…

Our writers—and readers—are the kind of people who still look out a plane window in awe. We don’t just see places, we see people, culture, diversity, and commonality. Travel to us—like any good pastime—is a game of reinvention, of who you are and how you interact with your world. We’d like readers to interact with the new Nowhere in a similar way.


last updated 09/04/2013