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Meat for Tea

The Valley Review

About Meat for Tea: Meat for Tea: The Valley Review is a non-academic affiliated publication devoted to showcasing the works of both emerging and established writers and artists.

Contact Information:

Editors: Meaty Gonzales, Elizabeth MacDuffie

31 Franklin Street #2

Easthampton, MA 01027

Phone: (413) 230-7136



Submission/Subscription Information:

Formats: print, e-pub

Genres: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, photography, artwork

Simultaneous submissions: yes (with notice) Postal submissions: no Email submissions: no Online submissions: yes (see website) Reading period: 9/16-11/22; 12/16-2/22; 3/17-5/17; 6/16-8/16 Response time: 6 weeks Payment: copies Contests: no Founded: 2006 Issues per year: 4 Copy price: $10 Average pages: 88 Subscription (ind/inst) 1 year: $44

Publisher's description: Meat for Tea: The Valley Review is committed to providing a space in which emerging artists appear between the same covers as very established artists in the hopes of providing a "leg up," so to speak. This journal is not attached to a larger institution and as such is free of the PC constraints that can shackle publications that are so attached. This allows us to produce a somewhat edgy publication with a punk aesthetic tempered with real virtuosity.

We have published work from many celebrated writers and artists, such as David Yow, Jane Hudson, John Lurie, Dorian Sagan, Jessamyn Smythe, Anne Serling, Richard Kostelanetz, and numerous others. We are honored to have received a favorable review on NewPages.

Recent Issues:

Volume 7 Issue 3, the “bone” issue, featuring Richard Kostalenetz, David P. Miller, Meg Brown, Angela Bayout, Meg Brown, Thomas Cowell, Bruce Kahn, Ingrid Steblea, Kirby Wright, Simona Candini, Jeremy Edwards, Jade Ramsay, Susie Potter, Elizabeth MacDuffie, Mindela Ruby, Terra Bidlespacher, Gerard Samat, Alana I. Capria, Brian Clifton, Kelsey Jayne Marshall, Christopher Locke, Laura Marjorie Miller, Silvana Alfonso, Jessica Thelen, Jason Harris, Daniel Hales, Will Hall, Yong Takahashi, and more.


last updated 12/9/2013