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Literal Latté

About Literal Latté: Mind-stimulating stories, poems and essays. Get addicted.

Contact Information:

Editors: Jenine Gordon Bockman, Jeffrey Michael Gordon Bockman

200 East 10th Street, Suite 240

New York, NY 10003

Phone: (212) 260-5532

Email: LitLatte[at]aol[dot]com


Submission Information:

Genres: poetry, fiction, nonfiction

Simultaneous submissions: yes Postal submissions: yes Email submissions: no Online submissions: not yet! Reading period: year round Response time: slower than we'd like, but always striving to improve Payment: yes, for contests only Contests: yes (see website) Founded: 1994 Issues per year: 4 Print issues: 1994-2002

Publisher’s description: Before 1994, New York City, the “publishing capital,” lacked a community literary paper featuring mind-stimulating stories, essays and poems for consumption by multitudes of New York editors, agents, writers and readers.

Literal Latté filled the void. Debuting in June 1994, it offered 30,000 free copies of a tabloid newsprint magazine filled with a complex, literary brew in New York’s coffeehouses and bookstores. Six times per year.

Reaching ten times as many readers as traditional literary magazines, Literal Latté caffeinated careers, bringing writers from around the world into the offices, homes and hands of New York’s publishing professionals.

The founders, Jenine and Jeff Bockman, knew that good writing, in a friendly and easily available format, would be as popular as cappuccino in New York City.

Now online and free to the world, Literal Latté remains committed to finding and nurturing great talents. And giving the world top quality entertainment free of charge.

The Literal Latte Anthology, featuring highlights from the first fifteen years is also available.