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Hermeneutic Chaos Literary Journal

Hermeneutic Chaos Literary Journal celebrates the aura of literary grandeur by publishing some of the finest poetry and prose every two months.

Contact Information:

Editor: Shinjini Bhattacharjee

Website: www.hermeneuticchaosjournal.com

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Subscription/Submission Information:

Formats: online Genres: fiction, poetry, cross-genre, photography, artwork Simultaneous submissions: yes (with notice) Postal submissions: no Email submissions: yes (see website) Online submissions: yes (see website) Reading period: year-round Response time: 1-3 days Payment: no Contests: no Founded: 2014 Issues per year: 6

Publisher's description: Hermeneutic Chaos is a critically acclaimed journal that seeks to present the finest poetry and prose without beseeching any to compromise on its excellence by conforming to a particular normative literary style. It is an endeavor to showcase all that art is capable of, from the humble nonchalant to the vehement procrastinated profundity. It will publish poetic and prosaic interpretations of human sensations as they alchemize the humdrum wallflowers into spirited animations.

We look for beautifully handcrafted semantic mindscapes which provoke secluded emotions to emerge and clash with words with all their infinite capacities, making them perspire. We wish to witness the manner in which the absence finds its presence by wringing the silence. All this, however, with a certain aesthetic humility.

We welcome you to explore and participate in the engendering and raising the wonder that is the word-a bare whisper caressing the light on the bosom of a chartreuse tinted leaf, a fragile dew drop sheepishly marveling its masterpiece on the grass tips, or a distant chirp which befriends a lonely seashell lying on the shore.

Recent Issues:

The September 2014 issue of Hermeneutic Chaos carries poetry and prose by Changming Yuan, Mercedes Lawry, Sarah Brown Weitzman, Tom Daley, Alicia Hoffman, Howie Good, Kathryn Hujda, LeeAnn Olivier, Kyle Hemmings, Ricky Garni,Sarah Marchant, Vanessa Raney, Barbara Harroun, Elizabeth McGuire, Kate LaDew, Leah Givens, Rebekah Bergman, Miranda Stone and Gena LeBlanc. It also features a gorgeous cover art by the award winning artist Mia Funk.

The July 2014 issue comprises of poetry and prose by Heather Fowler, Rachel J Fenton, Jen Knox, Sheila Murphy, Alessandra Bava, Sara Cleto, Sally Stevens, Rachel Bublitz, Heather Bell Adams, Simon Perchik, Alex Vigue, Scherezade Siobhan, Jon Simmons, Rhiannon Thorne, Jennifer MacBain-Stephens, Jack Peachum, Aaron Wiegert, Mandy Pannett, Elizabeth Brown, Amarie Fox, Allison Lock, Melinda Giordano and Vik Shirley.


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