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Posted on 12 April 2012


Exit, Civilian coverExit, Civilian

Poetry by Idra Novey

Univ of Georgia Press, April 2012

ISBN-13: 978-0820343488

Paperback: 88pp; $16.95

In her second collection, Idra Novey steps in and out of jails, courthouses, and caves to explore what confinement means in the twenty-first century. From the beeping doors of a prison in New York to cellos playing in a former jail in Chile, she looks at prisons that have opened, closed, and transformed to examine how the stigma of incarceration has altered American families, including her own.


The Geographer's Wife coverThe Geographer's Wife

Poetry by Bart Edelman

Red Hen Press, March 2012

ISBN-13: 978-1597091695

Paperback: 120pp; $19.95

Bart Edelman’s latest poetry collection, The Geographer’s Wife, explores how our sense of environment creates and frames the world we choose to inhabit. The speakers in Edelman’s poems perpetually find themselves in conflict with the world around them. Again and again, the landscapes they visit serve as both boundary and horizon. This sense of place—east, west, north, and south—directs the physical and spiritual movements we often take for granted, as we pass through the days and nights that dictate each one of our journeys.


God's Horse and the Atheists' School coverGod's Horse and The Atheists' School

Fiction by Wilhelm Dichter

Translated from the Polish by Madeline G. Levine

Northwestern Univ Press, February 2012

ISBN-13: 978-0810127937

Paperback: 392pp; $23.95

God's Horse and The Atheists' School, Wilhelm Dichter's acclaimed autobiographical novels, recount a Polish Jewish family's harrowing struggle to survive the Holocaust and their privileged post-war lives as members of Poland's political elite. In God's Horse, the young narrator's life in hiding takes a dramatic turn after the war, when he becomes a little "Red prince," thanks to his Jewish stepfather, a rising star in the communist regime. The Atheists' School follows the narrator through the years of high Stalinism into young adulthood. This period is marked by a growing tension within Poland's Jewish community between dedicated communists and those who are convinced that their country will again turn against them.


I Take Back the Sponge Cake coverI Take Back the Sponge Cake

Poetry by Loren Erdrich, art by Sierra Nelson

Rose Metal Press, March 2012

ISBN-13: 978-0984616640

Paperback: 64pp; $14.95

I Take Back the Sponge Cake is a choose-your-own-adventure collaboration between poet Sierra Nelson and visual artist Loren Erdrich. Each turn of the page features an ink and watercolor drawing, a poem, and a choice between two sound-alike words that create a variety of paths through the book. The adventure always begins in the same place, but depending on your choices your reading experience moves by emotional meander—leaping, looping, and surprising until it finally reaches one of the possible endings.


Language Matters coverLanguage Matters

Poetry by Tony Quagliano

NYQ Books, March 2012

ISBN-13: 978-1-935520-08-5

Paperback: 240pp; $18.95

Tony Quagliano's contributions to Hawaii and to the world of poetry were many and wide-ranging. His was a singular voice in poetry. He reveled in the possibilities of language, the sounds of words, and the potential for philosophical complexities. He was feisty, humorous, joyfully exuberant and had an inviolable sense of justice. This new collection of his work exemplifies that existence.


My Only Wife coversMy Only Wife

Fiction by Jac Jemc

Dzanc Books, April 2012

ISBN-13: 978-1936873685

Paperback: 194pp; $15.95

Ten years ago the narrator unlocked the door of a wrecked apartment, empty of any trace of his wife. As stunning as her disappearance is his response. He freezes on the facts of her, haunting his recollections. This is the story of a man unable to free himself enough from the idea of a woman to try to find her.


New California Writing 2012 coverNew California Writing 2012

Anthology Edited by Gayle Wattawa

Heyday Books, April 2012

ISBN-13: 978-1597141895

Paperback: 336pp; $20.00

Once again, we've combed through a year's worth of magazines, blogs, zines, and books, from both major and small publishers, to find the most compelling writing California has to offer. The forty-three pieces in this year's anthology, culled from thousands of choices, offer a variety of voices that will enliven the mind, expand the imagination, and stretch the heart. This year's contributors straddle cultural fault lines, look critically at our collective heritage, and wonder at the ever-shifting infrastructure of the state.


The Portable Son coverThe Portable Son

Fiction by Barrett Hathcock

Aqueous Books, November 2011

ISBN-13: 978-0982673485

Paperback: 200pp; $14.00

The Portable Son is a collection of linked short stories in the tradition of early Updike, the Michigan-era Hemingway, and Stuart Dybek stories of sensitive boys bumbling between friends and women. Here the milieu is the contemporary South—but not the South of degenerate freaks and cartoonish rednecks, but rather the polite, well-behaved South, the South of relentless good manners, the South of Polo shirts and thank-you notes, the South that no one else writes about.


Western Avenue and Other Fictions coverWestern Avenue

And Other Fictions

Fiction by Fred Arroyo

Univ of Arizona Press, April 2012

ISBN-13: 978-0816502332

Paperback: 128pp; $15.95

In these engaging and often gripping short stories, Fred Arroyo takes us into the lives of working-class Hispanic migrants and immigrants, who are often invisible while they work in plain sight across America. As characters intertwine and evolve across stories, Arroyo creates a larger narrative that dramatizes the choices we make to create identity, make meaning, and deal with hardships and loss. His stories are linked by a concern with borders, both real and imagined, and the power that memory and imagination have to shape and structure our lives.


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Posted 12 April 2012


27 Views of Asheville: A Southern Mountain Town in Prose & Poetry, Ed. Rob Neufeld (Eno Publishers)

The Future Is Not Ours: New Latin American Fiction, Ed. Diego Trelles Paz (Open Letter)

A God in the House, Ed. Ilya Kaminski, Katherine Towler (Tupelo Press)

I'll Drown My Book: Conceptual Writing by Women, Ed. Caroline Bergvall, et. al (Les Figues Press)

New California Writing 2012, Ed. Gayle Wattawa (Heyday Books)



Perpetual Patterns, Neil N. Chopra (Shadow Script)



Beyond Binary, Ed. Brit Mandelo (Lethe Press)

A Civil War Christmas: An American Musical Celebration, Paula Vogel (Theatre Comm Grp)

Crazy Season, Paul Graham (Kitsune Books)

The Death of Bonnie and Clyde: And Other Stories, Michael Gills (Texas Review Press)

Elegant Punk, Darlin' Neal (Press 53)

Familiar, J. Robert Lennon (Graywolf Press)

The Gift, Florence Noiville (Northwestern Univ Press)

Go Love, Michael Gills (Raw Dog Screaming Press)

God's Horse and The Atheists' School, Wilhelm Dichter (Northwestern Univ Press)

I Burn Paris, Bruno Jasienski (Twisted Spoon Press)

The Ice Castle: An Adventure in Music, Pendred Noyce (Scarletta Press)

The Isle of Kheria, Robert Cabot (McPherson & Co)

The Madness of Mama Carlota, Graciela Limon (Arte Publico Press)

Mojo and Other Plays, Jez Butterworth (Theatre Comm Grp)

My Only Wife, Jac Jemc (Dzanc Books)

The Portable Son, Barrett Hathcock (Aqueous Books)

The Posthumous Affair, James Friel (Tupelo Press)

Pulled from the River, Jon Chopan (Black Lawrence Press)

Red Weather, Janet McAdams (Univ of Arizona Press)

Renato the Painter, Eugene Mirabelli (McPherson & Co)

The Time of Quarantine, Katharine Haake (What Books Press)

A Vacation on the Island of Ex-boyfriends, Stacy Bierlein (Elephant Rock Books)

Welcome, Anybody, Jen McConnell (Press 53)

Western Avenue: And Other Fictions, Fred Arroyo (Univ of Arizona Press)

Yesterday's Dead, Pat Bourke (Second Story Books)

You Will Meet a Stranger Far from Home: Wonder Stories, Alex Jeffers (Lethe Press)



Against Wind and Tide: Letters and Journals, 1947-1986, Anne Morrow Lindbergh (Pantheon Books)

At the End of Life: True Stories about How We Die, Ed. Lee Gutkind (Infact Books)

Cabin Fever: A Suburban Father's Search for the Wild, Tom Montgomery Fate (Beacon Press)

Children of Manzanar, Ed. Heather C. Lindquist (Heyday Books)

Conversations with Anne, Anne Bogart (Theatre Comm Grp)

Devil's Tango: How I Learned the Fukushima Step by Step, Cecile Pineda (Wings Press)

Everyday Writing: Tips and prompts to fit your regularly scheduled life, Midge (Ashland Creek Press)

Forms of Feeling, John Morgan (Dufour Editions)

Green Suns and Faerie: Essays on J.R.R. Tolkien, Verlyn Flieger (Kent State Univ Press)

An Immense New Power to Heal: The Promise of Personalized Medicine, Lee Gutkind, Pagan Kennedy (Infact Books)

Intimate: An American Family Photo Album, Paisley Rekdal (Tupelo Press)

Kasher in the Rye: The True Tale of a White Boy from Oakland Who Became a Drug Addict, Criminal, Mental Patient, and Then Turned 16, Moshe Kasher (Grand Central Publishing)

Midnight Sun, Arctic Moon: Mapping the Wild Heart of Alaska, Mary Albanese (Epicenter Press)

Rose Hill: An Intermarriage before Its Time, Carlos E. Cortes (Heyday Books)

State of the World: Moving Toward Sustainable Prosperity, The Worldwatch Institute (Island Press - Distribution Center)

The Wildness Within: Remembering David Brower, Kenneth Brower (Heyday Books)



[Bond, James]: alphabet, anatomy, [auto]biography, Michelle Disler (Counterpath Press)

After Urgency, Rusty Morrison (Tupelo Press)

American Copia: An Immigrant Epic, Javier O. Huerta (Arte Publico Press)

The body | of space | in the shape of the human, Andrew Allport (New Issues Poetry & Prose)

Byron in Baghdad, Mike Smith (BlazeVOX [books])

Cold Spring Rising, John Thomas York (Press 53)

Common Time, Chris Pusateri (Steerage Press)

Deck of Deeds, Rodrigo Toscano (Counterpath Press)

Doll Studies: Forensics, Carol Guess (Black Lawrence Press)

Exit, Civilian, Idra Novey (Univ of Georgia Press)

The Game of Boxes, Catherine Barnett (Graywolf Press)

The Geographer's Wife, Bart Edelman (Red Hen Press)

Half of What They Carried Flew Away, Andrea Rexilius (Letter Machine Edns)

Handiwork, Amaranth Borsuk (Slope Editions)

He Will Laugh, Douglas Ray (Lethe Press)

High Notes, Lois Roma-Deeley (Benu Press)

A Hotel Lobby at the Edge of the World, Adam Clay (Milkweed Editions)

I Don't Mind if You're Feeling Alone, Thomas Patrick Levy (YesYes Books)

I Take Back the Sponge Cake, Loren Erdrich, Sierra Nelson (Rose Metal Press)

Inmost, Jessica Fisher (Nightboat Books)

Keeping Even, Sheila Sanderson (Stephen F. Austin State Univ Press)

Language Matters, Tony Quagliano (NYQ Books)

Miniatures, Meredith Cole (Marsh Hawk Press)

Mormon Boy, Seth Brady Tucker (Elixir Press)

Mythology of Touch, Mary Stone Dockery (Woodley Press)

Nostalgia for the Criminal Past, Kathleen Winter (Elixir Press)

Notes to the Beloved, Michelle Bitting (SPC Press)

Plunge, Alice Jones (Apogee Press)

Prop Rockery, Emily Rosko (Univ of Akron Press)

The Radio Tree, Corey Marks (New Issues Poetry & Prose)

The Relational Elations of Orphaned Algebra, Eileen R. Tabios, j/j hastain (Marsh Hawk Press)

Rumored Animals, Quinn Latimer (Dream Horse Press)

Sea and Fog, Etel Adnan (Nightboat Books)

Skin Shift, Matthew Hittinger (Sibling Rivalry Press)

Things I Say to Pirates on Nights When I Miss You, Keely Hyslop (Fourteen Hills)

This Constellation is a Name: Collected Poems 1965 - 2010, Michael Heller (Nightboat Books)

Traces: A Book of Poetry, Danny Romero (Bilingual Review Press)

Two-Headed Nightingale, Shara Lessley (New Issues Poetry & Prose)

Weather is Whether, Harriet Zinnes (Marsh Hawk Press)

What the Trapeze Artist Trusts, Malaika King Albrecht (Press 53)


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