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Posted on August 23, 2011


0.174 cover0.174: The Complete Numbers Cycle

Poetry by Gordon Massman

NYQ Books, June 2011

ISBN-13: 978-1-935520-44-3

Paperback: 400pp; $24.95

Gordon Massman's 0.174: The Complete Numbers Cycle is an intricate exposure of the self. In this 20 years' culmination of work, he has dared to make the invisible visible. Perhaps on some level a perverse project, 0.174 lays open in depth-confession, in laboratory precision Massman's innermost fantasies, obsessions, urges, and fears which might, he hopes, provide at least a splintered reflection into one's own humanity.


American Tensions coverAmerican Tensions:

Literature of Identity and the Search for Social Justice

Ed. William Reichard

New Village Press, April 2011

ISBN-13: 978-0-9815593-8-4

Paperback: 336pp; $19.95

American Tensions is a new collection of recent American writing for social change. Including works from 1980 to the present, this book offers a generous selection of poetry, short fiction, and essays that stretch conventional understanding of American identity. Challenging the traditional New Criticism approach to reading, this anthology works to re-situate its writers in their social and historical contexts.


Bloodcoal & Honey coverBloodcoal & Honey

Poetry by Dan Gutstein

Washington Writers' Pub House, November 2011

ISBN-13: 978-0931846960

Paperback: 82pp; $16.00

Winner of the Washington Writers' Publishing House Poetry Prize



City of Bohane coverCity of Bohane

Fiction by Kevin Barry

Graywolf Press, March 2012

ISBN-13: 978-1-55597-608-8

Hardcover: 288pp; $25.00

Thirty or so years in the future. The once-great city of Bohane on the west coast of Ireland is on its knees, infested by vice and split along tribal lines. For years it has all been under the control of Logan Hartnett, the dapper godfather of the Hartnett Fancy gang. But there's trouble in the air.


Ghost Writers coverGhost Writers: Us Haunting Them

Contemporary Michigan Literature

Ed. Keith Taylor and Laura Kasischke

Wayne State Univ Press, September 2011

ISBN-13: 978-0-8143-3474-4

Paperback: 224pp; $18.95

For Ghost Writers: Us Haunting Them editors Keith Taylor and Laura Kasischke asked twelve celebrated Michigan writers to submit new stories on one subject: ghosts. Some of the pieces are true stories written by non-believers, while others are clearly fiction and can be funny, bittersweet, spooky, or sinister. All share Michigan as a setting, bringing history and a sense of place to the eerie collection.


In the Carnival of Breathing coverIn the Carnival of Breathing

Poetry by Lisa Fay Coutley

Black Lawrence Press, August 2011

ISBN-13: 978-0-9828766-3-3

Paperback: 32pp; $9.00

This collection from Lisa Fay Coutley was the winner of the 2009 Black River Chapbook Competition. 


Six Rivers coverSix Rivers

Poetry by Jenna Le

NYQ Books, August 2011

ISBN-13: 978-1935520467

Paperback: 80pp; $14.95

Jenna Le's debut book is a meditation on love and life, inspired by her experiences as a Vietnamese-American woman who earned a degree in mathematics before becoming a physician. Peopled by a diverse array of characters drawn from the pages of history and mythology, this sensual and often funny book introduces a strong, original new voice in poetry.


The Spite House coverThe Spite House

Poetry by Elizabeth Knapp

C & R Press, May 2011

ISBN-13: 978-1-936196-06-7

Paperback: 74pp; $14.95

Winner of the 2010 De Novo Prize for Poetry.



Takes Guts and Yeats Sometimes coverTakes Guts and Years Sometimes:

New and Selected Poems

Poetry by Linda Lerner

NYQ Books, June 2011

ISBN-13: 978-1935520313

Paperback: 280pp; $18.95

Linda Lerner is a New York City poet, born and raised in Brooklyn where she now lives. Her latest book is a collection of poems dating from the early 80s to the present. She is the author of thirteen poetry collections and has been twice nominated for a Pushcart Prize.


Version 3.0 coverVersion 3.0

Contemporary Asian American Plays

Ed. Chay Yew

Theatre Comm Grp, August 2011

ISBN-13: 978-1-55936-363-1

Paperback: 680pp; $22.95

The first major anthology of contemporary Asian American drama in almost two decades, Version 3.0 includes a foreword by David Henry Hwang; an introduction by Chay Yew; and eight full-length plays, each accompanied a statement from the author.


New & Noteworthy Books
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August 23, 2011


Altered States: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Stories About Change, Ed. Amy Locklin, Main Street Rag Pub Co

The Book of Villains, Ed. Josh Woods, Main Street Rag Pub Co

Waiting for the Dalai Lama: Stories from all sides of the Tibetan debate, Annelie Rozeboom, Blacksmith Books


Children's/YA Fiction

Rupert's Tales: The Wheel of the Year, Kyrja , Schiffer Books



After Tears, Niq Mhlongo, Ohio Univ Press / Swallow Press

Airboat, Dennis F. Bormann, Main Street Rag Pub Co

The Alphabet of Vietnam, Jonathan Chamberlain, Blacksmith Books

Betty Superman, Tiff Holland, Rose Metal Press

Call Me When You Land, Michael Schiavone, Permanent Press

The Dreaming Girl, Roberta Allen, Ellipsis Press

From the Darkness Right Under Our Feet, Patrick Michael Finn

Hooked, John Franc, Tin House Books

Hunters & Gamblers, Ryan Ridge, Dark Sky Books

A Mortal Affect, Vincent Standley, Calamari Press

Norah: The Making of an Irish-American Woman in 19th-Century New York, Cynthia G. Neale, Lucky Press

Outside the Bones, Lyn Di Iorio, Arteful Press

Randy Bradley, Jake Bohstedt Morrill, Solid Objects

Spring, David Szalay, Graywolf Press

Touch and Go, Thad Nodine, Unbridled Books

We Are All Zimbabweans Now, James Kilgore, Ohio Univ Press / Swallow Press



Moon: A Brief History, Bernd Brunner, Yale Univ Press

Surprised by Oxford, Carolyn Weber, Thomas Nelson

You Need a Schoolhouse, Stephanie Deutsch, Northwestern Univ Press



Atlas Hour, Carol Ann Davis, Tupelo Press

Bloodcoal & Honey, Dan Gutstein, Washington Writers' Pub House

The Book of Lamenting, Lori Bedikian, Anhinga Press

Entering the House of Awe, Susanna Childress, New Issues Poetry & Prose

An Innocent in the House of the Dead, Joanna Catherine Scott, John Lee Conaway, Main Street Rag Pub Co

Light-Headed, Matt Hart, BlazeVOX [books]