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Posted on January 6, 2011


American Plops & Fizzes coverAmerica Plops and Fizzes

Poetry by Andrew Rihn

sunnyoutside, February 2011

ISBN-13: 978-1-934513-30-9

Paperback: 48pp; $13.00

"These poems remind us that we are all tethered to something dark, violent, and absurd that lies hidden below the surface of late capitalism." With original artwork by David Munson.


A Beautiful Name for a Girl coverA Beautiful Name for a Girl

Poetry by Kirsten Kaschock

Ahsahta Press, January 2011

ISBN-13: 978-1-934103-17-3

Paperback: 112pp; $17.50

"Human identity testing itself: are the speakers of these poems mother, teacher, creative artist--or are they merely bones to be sorted and juggled?"


The Coffins of Little Hope coverThe Coffins of Little Hope

Fiction by Timothy Schaffert

Unbridled Books, May 2011

ISBN-13: 9781609530402

Hardcover: 272pp; $25.95

"An octogenarian obituary writer […] stumbles on the story of her life when her small Midwestern town surprisingly becomes the seat of pop culture notoriety--with a missing girl, a famous YA book series, and so much more…"


The Convert

A Tale of Exile and Extremism

Nonfiction by Deborah Baker

Graywolf Press, May 2011

ISBN-13: 978-1-55597-582-1

Paperback: 256pp; $23.00

"A spellbinding story of renunciation, conversion, and radicalism."


Dayglo coverDayglo

Poetry by James Meetze

Ahsahta Press, January 2011

ISBN-13: 978-1-934103-18-0

Paperback: 88pp; $17.50

Winner of the 2010 Sawtooth Poetry Prize, selected by Terrance Hayes.


Lit from Within coverLit From Within

Contemporary Masters on the Art and Craft of Writing

Nonfiction Ed. Kevin Haworth, Dinty W. Moore

Ohio Univ Press / Swallow Press, March 2011

ISBN-13: 978-0-8214-1948-9

Paperback: 206pp; $19.95

Includes pieces by Billy Collins, Charles Baxter, Tony Hoagland, Maggie Nelson, Mary Ruefle and more.


Middletown coverMiddletown

Drama by Will Eno

Theatre Communications Group, December 2010

ISBN-13: 978-1-55936-380-8

Paperback: 94pp; $14.95

Winner of the Horton Foote Prize for Promising New American Play.


Missing coverMissing

A Memoir

Nonfiction by Cornelia Maude Spelman

Northwestern Univ Press, December 2010

ISBN-13: 978-0-8101-2712-8

Hardcover: 156pp; $22.95

"Acclaimed children's book author Cornelia Maude Spelman's memoir of her family springs from a meeting and subsequent friendship with the late, legendary New Yorker editor William Maxwell."


Race coverRace

Drama by David Mamet

Theatre Communications Group, December 2010

ISBN-13: 978-1-55936-382-2

Paperback: 72pp; $13.95

"An explosive new work by one of contemporary theater's most acclaimed and controversial playwrights."


The Twelve Wives of Citizen Jane coverThe Twelve Wives of Citizen Jane

Chapbook by Daniela Olszewska

Spooky Girlfriend Press, 2010

Chapbook: 19pp; $3.00

New poetry chapbook from the Poetry Editor of Black Warrior Review.


You and Three Others are Approaching a Lake coverYou and Three Others Are Approaching a Lake

Poetry by Anna Moschovakis

Coffee House Press, February 2011

ISBN-13: 978-1-56689-250-6

Paperback: 132pp; $16.00

"A sharp-witted investigation of love, work, and human responsibility in the age of consumption and hyperexposure."


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January 6, 2011


The big e, Ernst Jandl, Mindmade Books 

Driving Montana, Alone, Katie Phillips, Slapering Hol Press

Dutch Baby Combo, A. Minetta Gould, Spooky Girlfriend Press 

Invocation: An Essay, Jennifer S. Cheng, New Michigan Press

The Twelve Wives of Citizen Jane, Daniela Olszewska, Spooky Girlfriend Press



The Designated Mourner, Wallace Shawn, Theatre Comm Grp 

Middletown, Will Eno, Theatre Comm Grp

Race, David Mamet, Theatre Comm Grp



alt.punk, Lavinia Ludlow, Casperian Books 

The Coffins of Little Hope, Timothy Schaffert, Unbridled Books 

The Demon at Agi Bridge, Ed. Haruo Shirane, Columbia Univ Press

The Life and Memoirs of Doctor Pi, Edgar Bayley, Clockroot Books

So Cold the River, Michael Koryta, Hachette Book Group 



The Convert, Deborah Baker, Graywolf Press

Lit From Within, Ed. Kevin Haworth, Dinty W. Moore, Ohio Univ Press / Swallow Press

Missing, Cornelia Maude Spelman, Northwestern Univ Press

My Business Is to Create Blake's Infinite Writing, Eric G. Wilson, Univ of Iowa Press

Untold Sisters, Ed. Electa Arsenal, Stacey Schlau, Univ of New Mexico Press



America Plops and Fizzes, Andrew Rihn, Sunnyoutside 

A Beautiful Name for a Girl, Kirsten Kaschock, Ahsahta Press

Bloom, Simmons B. Buntin, Salmon Poetry

Dayglo, James Meetze, Ahsahta Press

Everything Else We Must Endure, Brian McGettrick, Sunnyoutside

Head Off & Split, Nikky Finney, Northwestern Univ Press

The Homelessness of Self, Susan Terris, Arctos Press

The Manageable Cold, Timothy McBride, Northwestern Univ Press

Meddle English, Caroline Bergvall, Nightboat Books

You and Three Others Are Approaching a Lake, Anna Moschovakis, Coffee House Press