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Posted February 21, 2017

  • Fiction Posted February 21, 2017

    Assisted Living, Gary Lutz, Future Tense Books

    Cages, Sylvia Torti, Schaffner Press

    Communion, TJ Beitelman, Black Lawrence Press

    Concepcion and the Baby Brokers, Deborah Clearman, Rain Mountain Press

    The Creator of Orizaba and Other Stories, Bart Bonner, Underground Voices

    Dirt Road, James Kelman, Catapult

    The Emily Fables, Stephanie Emily Dickinson, ELJ Publications

    Fight Like a Man and Other Stories We Tell Our Children, Christine Granados, University of New Mexico Press

    Footprints in Wet Cement, Peter Wortsman, Pelekinesis

    A Fugitive in Walden Woods, Norman Lock, Bellevue Literary Press

    Hell's Gate, Laurent Gaudé, Gallic Books

    In the Land of Eternal Spring, Alan Howard, Harvard Square Editions

    In the Wake of Our Vows, Neil Connelly, Fomite Press

    Large Animals, Jess Arndt, Catapult

    Massive Cleansing Fire, Dave Housley, Outpost 19

    Miss Portland, David Ebenbach, Orison Books

    The Path of the Wind, James A. Misko, Square One Publishers

  • Nonfiction Posted February 21, 2017

    The #100 Love Notes Project: A Love Story, Hyong Yi, Lorimer Press

    Great Books of China: From Ancient Times to the Present, Frances Wood, BlueBridge

    The Haygoods of Columbus: A Love Story - 20th Anniversary Edition, Wil Haygood, Ohio State University Press

    Most American: Notes from a Wounded Place, Rilla Askew, University of Oklahoma Press

    My Father's Closet, Karen A. McClintock, Ohio State University Press

    Now for the Disappointing Part: A Pseudo-Adult's Decade of Short-Term Jobs, Long-Term Relationships, and Holding Out for Something Better, Steven Barker, Skyhorse Publishing

    Polonium in the Playhouse, Linda Carrick Thomas, Ohio State University Press

    Thurberville, Bob Hunter, Ohio State University Press

  • Poetry Posted February 21, 2017

    Body, in Good Light, Erin Rodoni, Sixteen Rivers Press

    Crude, Taylor Brorby, Ice Cube Press

    Ears, Jared Stanley, Nightboat Books

    Fermentations, Salvatore Marici, Ice Cube Press

    Field Theories, Samiya Bashir, Nightboat Books

    Ghost Child of the Atalanta Bloom, Rebecca Aronson, Orison Books

    The Happy End / All Welcome, Monica de la Torre, Ugly Duckling Presse

    I Don't Need to Make a Pretty Thing, Michelle S. Reed,

    I Love it Though, Alli Warren, Nightboat Books

    Kinky Keeps the House Clean, Mari Deweese, Nixes Mate Books

    Lifeline, Jennifer Givhan, Glass Poetry Press

    Louder Than Hearts, Zeina Hashem Beck, Bauhan Publishing

    Lowly, Alan Felsenthal, Ugly Duckling Presse

    The Most Foreign Country, Alejandra Pizarnik, Ugly Duckling Presse

    Nomadologies, Erdag Goknar, Turtle Point Press

    Not Quite Ocean, John Elsberg, Paycock Press

    Occasionally, I Remove Your Brain through Your Nose, J. Hope Stein, Poet Republik LTD

    One, Gerald Fleming, Hanging Loose Press

    Queen Kong, Amanda J. Bradley, NYQ Books

    Ram Hands, Ellen Welcker, Scablands Books

    Retribution Binary, Ruth Baumann, Black Lawrence Press

    Rock | Salt | Stone, Rosamond S. King, Nightboat Books

    The Scientific Method, Kim Roberts, WordTech Editions

    State Park, Jenny Mueller, Elixir Press

    Sun & Urn, Christopher Salerno, University of Georgia Press

    Taking the Train of Singularity South from Midtown, John Ronan, Backwaters Press

    Taliban Beach Party, Eric Howard, Turtle Point Press

    This Sweet Haphazard, Gillian Wegener, Sixteen Rivers Press

    The Threatened Everything, Paula Cisewski, Burnside Review Press

    To Literally You, Paul Killebrew, Canarium Books

    Try Never, Anthony Madrid, Canarium Books

    Under-Worldly, Kristie Betts Letter, l'Aleph Press

    Wasp Queen, Claudia Cortese, Black Lawrence Press

    White Plains, David Hicks, Conundrum Press

    Without Warning, Tim Greenup, Scablands Books

  • Children's Lit Posted February 21, 2017

    Leaving Kent State, Sabrina Fedel, Harvard Square Editions


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