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Posted May 20, 2015

  • Posted May 20, 2015
    XIII: Stories of Transformation, Ed. Mark Teppo, Resurrection House

  • Posted May 20, 2015
    The Blue Girl, Laurie Foos, Coffee House Press

    The End of the End of Everything, Dale Bailey, Resurrection House

    Gateway to Paradise, Matthew Vollmer, Persea Books

    Genoa: A Telling of Wonders, Paul Metcalf, Coffee House Press

    Hurry Please I Want to Know, Paul Griner, Sarabande Books

    Lot Boy, Greg Shemkovitz, Sunnyoutside

    Miracles and Conundrums of the Secondary Planets, Jacob M. Appel, Black Lawrence Press

    My Pulse is an Earthquake, Kristin Fitzpatrick, Vandalia Press

    Navel of the Moon, Mary Helen Legasse, Northwestern Univ Press

    The New and Improved Romie Futch, Julia Elliott, Tin House Books

    The One Before, Juan Jose Saer, Open Letter

    Puppet Turners of Narrow Interior, Stephanie Barbe Hammer, Urban Farmhouse Press

    Rock, Paper, Scissors, Naja Marie Aidt, Open Letter

    Room for Ghosts, Terra Brigando, Wordcraft of Oregon

    The Skull of Pancho Villa: And Other Stories, Manuel Ramos, Arte Publico Press

    The Story of My Teeth, Valeria Luiselli, Coffee House Press

    Time Pieces, Mark Smith-Soto, Main Street Rag Pub Co

    Times Square and Other Stories, William Baer, Able Muse Press

    Trampoline: An Illustrated Novel, Robert Gipe, Ohio Univ Press / Swallow Press

  • Posted May 20, 2015
    Closing the Book: Travels in Life, Loss, and Literature, Joelle Renstrom, Pelekinesis

    Dialogic Nation of Cape Verde: Slavery, Language, and Ideology, Marcia Rego, Lexington Books

    Far Country: Stories from Abroad and Other Places, Timothy Kenny, Bottom Dog Press

    Full Moon at Noontide: A Daughter's Last Goodbye, Ann Putnam, Univ of Iowa Press

    Parenting in the Age of Attention Snatchers, Lucy Jo Palladino, Shambhala Publications

    Weird World of Words: A Guided Tour, Mitchell Symons, Zest Books

  • Posted May 20, 2015
    (guns & butter), Montana Ray, Argos Books

    50 Water Dreams, Siwar Masannat, Cleveland State Univ Poetry Ctr

    Anti-Humboldt: A Reading of the North American Free Trade Agreement, Hugo Garcia Manriquez, Litmus Press

    Apology of a Girl Who Is Told She Is Going to Hell, Devon Moore, Mayapple Press

    Application for Release from the Dream, Tony Hoagland, Graywolf Press

    The Book of Feral Flora, Amanda Ackerman, Les Figues Press

    Bottle the Bottles the Bottles the Bottles, Lee Upton, Cleveland State Univ Poetry Ctr

    Companion Animal, Magdalena Zurawski, Litmus Press

    Confidence, Seth Landman, Brooklyn Arts Press

    The Crossing, Jonathan Fink, Dzanc Books

    Debridement, Corrina Bain, Great Weather for Media

    Endless Building, Marvin Shackelford, Urban Farmhouse Press

    Festival, Broc Rossell, Cleveland State Univ Poetry Ctr

    Grass Roots, Xiang Yang, Zephyr Press

    Illocality, Joseph Massey, Wave Books

    Monologue Dogs, Meira Cook, Brick Books

    Monsters, Zombies and Addicts, Poems, Gwendolyn Zepeda, Arte Publico Press

    Of Entirety Say the Sentence, Ernst Meister, Wave Books

    One Morning--, Rebecca Wolff, Wave Books

    The Open Mouth of the Vase, Amy Ash, Cider Press Review

    Our Portion, Philip Terman,

    Phoenix, Ouyang Jianghe, Zephyr Press

    Refuge/es, Michael Broek, Alice James Books

    Reveille, George David Clark, Univ of Arkansas Press

    Rooms for Rent in the Burning City, Brandon Courtney, Spark Wheel Press

    Shipbreaking, Robin Beth Schaer, Anhinga Press

    The Sky's Dustbin, Katherine Sanchez Espano, Bitter Oleander Press

    Study for Necessity, JoEllen Kwiatek, Univ of Iowa Press

    Supplication: Selected Poems of John Wieners, Ed. Joshua Beckman, Robert Dewhurst, CAConrad, Wave Books

    This World We Invented, Caroyln Marie Souaid, Brick Books

    To Drink Boiled Snow, Caroline Knox, Wave Books

    Tributaries, Laura Da', Univ of Arizona Press

    Two Towns, Ed Friedman, Hanging Loose Press

    We Deserve the Gods We Ask For, Seth Brady Tucker, Gival Press

  • Posted May 20, 2015
    Achoo! Why Pollen Counts, Shennen Bersani, Arbordale Publishing

    Fibonacci Zoo, Tom Robinson, Arbordale Publishing

    Never Give Up: A story about self-esteem, Kathryn Cole, Second Story Press

    Reptile Flu: A story about communication, Kathryn Cole, Second Story Press

    Shards: The Prospero Chronicles II, FJR Titchenell, Matt Carter, Jolly Fish Press

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