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Posted on March 17, 2009

Stompin' at the Grand Terrace coverStompin' at the Grand Terrace

a jazz memoir in verse

Poetry by Philip S. Bryant

Blueroad Press, May 2009

ISBN-10: 0979650917

ISBN-13: 978-0979650918

Paperback: 128pp; $18.95

From back cover: A brilliantly conceived memoir in verse, Stompin' at The Grand Terrace arcs, spins, dances and whirls across 'an infinite universe' of music that helped define a country, an era and the author's life. Bryant beautifully captures the past in imagery taut, colorful and enduring, while describing the sound, motion and power of music as it mixes with memory.


The Odyssey coverThe Odyssey

Ed. Andrea Lawlor

Pocket Myths, 2006

Paperback: 128pp; $20.00

From website: The Odyssey is 4th in the POCKET MYTHS series and is a collaboration between Andrea Lawlor and filmmaker Bernadine Mellis. It comprises a zine complete with stories, poetry, and art, and an accompanying film on DVD. The film consists of 24 continuous shorts by 24 groups of filmmakers telling the complete story of The Odyssey, Homer’s epic in 24 chapters.


Unnecessary Talking coverUnnecessary Talking

The Montesano Stories

Memoir by Mike O'Connor

Pleasure Boat Studio, January 2009

ISBN-10: 1929355416

ISBN-13: 978-1929355419

Paperback: 175pp; $16.00

From back cover: In this warm and humorous memoir, the boy you meet is irrepressible, devilish, curious, rambunctious, imaginative, sports-minded, friendly, naive, and absolutely joyful - definitely the kind of boy who would get in trouble from his teacher for "unnecessary talking." Mike O'Connor's stories remind a reader of what it was like to grow up in small-town 1950s America.


The Mysterious Life of the HeartThe Mysterious Life of the Heart

Writing from The Sun about
Passion, Longing, and Love

Ed. Sy Safransky, Tim McKee, Andrew Snee

The Sun, 2009

ISBN-13: 978-0917320040

Paperback: 351pp; $19.95

From back cover: In fifty personal essays, short stories, and poems, The Sun's writers explore the enigma of love with unremitting candor, taking us on a journey through heartbreak and ecstasy, anger and forgiveness, fleeting crushes and lasting relationships. The result is vibrant, messy, mysterious, and enduring.


Mosquito coverMosquito

Novel by Roma Tearne

Europa Editions, July 2008

ISBN-10: 1933372575

ISBN-13: 978-1933372570

Paperback: 304pp; $16.95

Set adrift by the recent death of his wife, Theo Samarajeeva abandons his comfortable writer's life in London and returns to Sri Lanka, his homeland. As he embraces life in this beautiful land, he fins himself slipping into friendship with an artistic young woman, Nulani - a friendship which blossoms into love. Under the threat of a terrorist insurgency, their affair offers a glimmer of hope in a country on the brink of destruction.


New & Noteworthy Books

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March 17, 2009



Adamah, Celine Zins (Gival Press) 

Allegheny, Monogahela, Erinn Batykefer (Red Hen Press) 

American Fractal, Timothy Green (Red Hen Press) 

And How to End It, Brian Clements (Quale Press) 

Another Word for Sky, Jay Michaelson (Lethe Press) 

By Cold Water, Chris Dombrowski (Wayne State University Press) 

Fort Dad, Stephen Paul Miller (Marsh Hawk Press) 

From Dame Quickly, Jennifer Scappettone (Litmus Press) 

Giving It Away, David Memmott (Wordcraft of Oregon) 

Honey, Richard Carr (Gival Press) 

If the World Becomes so Bright, Keith Taylor (Wayne State University Press) 

In Ways Impossible to Fold, Michael Rerick (Marsh Hawk Press) 

Light Light or the Curvature of the Earth, Harriet Zinnes (Marsh Hawk Press) 

Mom’s Canoe, Rebecca Foust (Texas Review Press) 

Quantum Jitters, Patricia Carlin (Marsh Hawk Press) 

Stompin’ at the Grand Terrace, Philip S. Bryant (Blueroad Press) 



Captive Audience, Dave Reidy (Ig Publishing) 

Conscience Point, Erica Abeel (Unbridled Books) 

Mosquito, Roma Tearne (Europa Editions)

The National Virginity Pledge, Barry Graham (Another Sky Press)

World Takes, Timmy Waldron (Word Riot Press) 



The Mysterious Life of the Heart, Ed. Sy Safransky, Tim McKee, Andrew Snee (The Sun) 

Poetic Voices Without Borders 2, Ed. Robert L. Giron (Gival Press)



Oranges & Peanuts for Sale, Eliot Weinberger (New Directions) 

Unnecessary Talking: The Montesano Stories, Mike O’Connor (Pleasure Boat Studio) 

Words Overflown by Stars, Ed. David Jauss (Writer’s Digest Books)



The Odyssey, Andrea Lawlor (Pocket Myths)

Orpheus, Ed. Andrea Lawlor (Pocket Myths)

Persephone, Ed. Andrea Lawlor (Pocket Myths)