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Posted on December 17, 2008

Me as Her Again coverMe as Her Again

True Stories of an Armenian Daughter

Memoir by Nancy Agabian

Aunt Lute Books, October 2008

ISBN-10: 1879960796

ISBN-13: 978-1879960794

Paperback: 216pp; $12.95

In this memoir, Nancy Agabian tells stories of growing pains, family tensions, and buried pasts. In a narrative that braids together different times and places and shifts between comic and dramatic registers, Agabian tells us how, as a child, she learns to juggle roles in response to competing pressures to fit in as an American while maintaining her Armenian heritage. At home, she struggles with her grandmother’s old ideologies, arguments between her parents, and heated discussions about race and sexuality. In her twenties, Agabian moves to Hollywood and becomes a performance artist and begins to discover herself sexually, dating both men and women. After hiding her autobiographical shows from her relatives, she finally decides to confront her family history and takes a trip to Turkey with her artist aunt, during which she finds she must reckon with painful family histories involving displacement and genocide.


The White Space Between coverThe White Space Between

Novel by Ami Sands Brodoff

Second Story Press, October 2008

ISBN-10: 1897187491

ISBN-13: 978-1897187494

Paperback: 320pp; $18.95

A mother and daughter walk a tightrope between remembering and forgetting after the Holocaust. Willow was raised on the scrapbooks her mother, Jana Ivanova, made of memories of her life in Prague before the World War. But the stories end with the beginning of the Holocaust, and Willow knows little of her mother's life after the war, or of her own beginnings when Jana landed in Montreal and met Willow's father. Like many Holocaust survivors, Jana wishes to spare her daughter the pain and weight of the past, while Willow wants to protect her mother from the pain of remembering. But she has an urgent need to know the missing pieces. When both Willow and Jana find themselves back in Montreal, the secrets can no longer be hidden as old loves lost are found and mother and daughter decide to take a journey to Prague to discover the past.


Desert Passage coverDesert Passage

YA Novel by P.S. Carrillo

Pinata Books, October 2008

ISBN-10: 1558855173

ISBN-13: 978-1558855175

Paperback: 192pp; $10.95

Miguel and Ramon are in big trouble with their family. The cousins were almost expelled from school for fighting, and just as they're finishing up their final year in middle school and preparing to enter high school, their grades have dropped. Miguel's father Rodrigo who, with his wife Connie, has raised Ramón since his father's tragic death in a car accident has decided the boys need to be punished. So instead of going on the family's summer vacation to Santa Fe, they'll stay with their Abuelita Rosa in a remote town in northern Arizona and do chores around her place.


What Stirs coverWhat Stirs

Poetry by Margaret Christakos

Coach House Books, October 2008)

ISBN-10: 1552452042

ISBN-13: 978-1552452042

Paperback: 120pp; $14.95

Where does the fragile, robust self reside when "personal" voice is sent out online into an ironic masquerade ball of alias identity and wanton proxy? What stirs us? Can there be anything authentic about feeling anything anymore? In What Stirs, Christakos looks at our primal appetite for attachment through the modern norms of codependency and co-existence, understanding that the postmodern digital era has created an atmosphere where the vulnerability and tenderness of the individual is both profanely exposed and brazenly reinvented in the arrival of virtual identity.


Savage Machinery coverSavage Machinery

Chapbook by Karen Rigby

Finishing Line Press, 2008

ISBN-10: 1599242877

ISBN-13: 978-1599242873

Chapbook: 25pp; $14.00

"In Karen Rigby's poems we are in a world far from innocence. We are, in fact, in the 'savage machinery' of the world after the fall, a world stricken with beauty and flaw." - Rick Barot


Song of the Universe coverSong of the Universe

Earth Poems and Prose from Around the World

Edited by Anne Rowthorn

Ken Arnold Books, October 2008

ISBN-10: 0979963486

ISBN-13: 978-0979963483

Paperback: 268pp; $20.00

Anne Rowthorn believes that poets, prose writers, and philosophers offer us a multitude of ways to see the earth. They open earth’s door and invite us to step into the garden of the universe. Language can move us to action; and her agenda in editing this stimulating collection of writings about nature from around the world is to challenge us to protect the natural world from ourselves.


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December 17, 2008



Ashes in Love, Oscar Hahn (HOST Publications)

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The Laundromat Essay, Kyle Buckley (Coach House Books)

Living on the Flood Plain, James Zoller (WordFarm) 

Recycle Suburbia, Dan Nowak (Quercus Review Press) 

Secret of Breath, Isabelle Baladine Howald (Burning Deck Press)

Shelter, Carey Salerno (Alice James Books) 

This Must Be the Place, Alice George (Mayapple Press) 

A Tour of Your Country, Eamonn Wall (Salmon Poetry) 

Undid in the Land of Undone, Lee Upton (New Issues) 

The Valise, Sophia Rivken (Mayapple Press) 

What Stirs, Margaret Christakos (Coach House Books)



Savage Machinery, Karen Rigby (Finishing Line Press)



Cabal of the Westford Knight, David Brody (Martin & Lawrence Press) 

Circulation, Tim Horvath (sunnyoutside)

The Madwoman of Bethlehem, Rosine Nimeh-Mailloux (Second Story Press)

Marble Mountain, Wayne Karlin (Curbstone Press) 

The Steve Machine, Mike Hoolboom (Coach House Books) 

Tell Me a Story, Tell Me the Truth, Gina Roitman (Second Story Press) 

Wandering Star, Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clezio (Curbstone Press)

The White Space Between, Ami Sans Brodoff (Second Story Press)



Song of the Universe, Ed. Anne Rowthorn (Ken Arnold Books)



The Almost Murder and Other Stories, Theresa Saldana (Pinata Books) 

Desert Passage, P.S. Carrillo (Pinata Books) 

Scratch and the Pirates of Paradise Cove, Ricardo Means Ybarra (Pinata Books)



Kidnapped and Other Dispatches, Alan Johnston (Profile Books) 

Me as Her Again, Nancy Agabian (Aunt Lute Books)