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Posted on April 24, 2008

Theories of Falling coverTheories of Falling

Poems by Sandra Beasley

New Issues, April 2008

ISBN-10: 1930974744

ISBN-13: 9781930974746

Paperback: 64pp; $14

Sandra Beasley won the 2007 New Issues Poetry Prize for her book Theories of Falling, selected by Marie Howe. Her poems have also been featured on Verse Daily, in journals such as 32 Poems, Blackbird, New Orleans Review, and Meridian, and in the 2005 Best New Poets, selected by George Garrett.


Twilight of the Bums coverThe Twilight of Bums

By George Chambers and Raymond Federman

Starcherone Books, May 2008

ISBN-13: 9780978881139

Paperback: 120pp; $16

More than 80 riffs, rants, and micro-fictions by two old bums, er, that is, MASTERS - perfectly complemented by the avant-comic artistry of T. Motley.


Seal Woman coverSeal Woman

A novel by olveig Eggerz

Ghost Road Press, May 2008

ISBN: 097962553x

Paperback: 284 pp; $19.95

In the rubble of post-war Berlin, artist Charlotte flees her past and everything she’s lost by responding to an ad calling for ‘strong women who can cook and do farm work’ in Iceland. But painful memories and ghosts follow Charlotte as she struggles to make a new life in a raw and rugged landscape. This debut novel celebrates the power of storytelling and art as ways to reassemble the fragments of Charlotte’s broken self and move her—and everyone she loves—toward peace.


Little Zizi coverLittle Zizi

by Thierry Lenain

Cinco Puntos Press, April 2008

ISBN-10: 1933693053

ISBN-13: 9781933693057

Hardcover: 32pp; $16.95

“Like all boys, Martin had a zizi, and this zizi didn’t cause him any problems. Of course, from time to time, Martin worried a little. He wondered if one day his zizi would look like his dad’s zizi. But that’s normal, all boys wonder about that. So, everything was going quite well.” That is, everything was going well until one day in the locker room the big bully Adrian started making fun of Martin’s peepee in front of everybody! Poor Martin. And to make matters worse, Martin and the bully both wanted to be the boyfriend of Anäis, the prettiest girl in school.


In the Time of Assignments coverIn the Time of Assignments

Poems by Douglas A. Martin

Soft Skull Press, January 2008

ISBN-10: 0979663601

ISBN-13: 9780979663604

Paperback: 256pp; $17.95

In the Time of Assignments is a generous collection that showcases more than a decade’s worth of feeling and musing in the form of poetry. The work is divided into three sections, each given a geographical marker, indicating a point of the lyric-speaker’s evolving identity. //


Causeway coverCauseway

Poems by Elaine Sexton

New Issues, April 2008

ISBN-10: 1930974779

ISBN-13: 9781930974777

Paperback: 71pp; $14

“Lodged in various locales, whether urban or rural, earthbound or on the open sea, answering a landscape, a family memory, or the vagaries of love, the poems of Causeway are always informed by an honest buoyancy of spirit.” —Eamon Grennen



New & Noteworthy Books

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April 24, 2008



Baghdad Mon Amour, Salah Al Hamdani (Curbstone Press) //

Causeway, Elaine Sexton (New Issues)

Death’s Homeland, Dragan Dragojlovic (Curbstone Press) //

Elegy for the Floater, Teresa Carson (CavanKerry Press) //

From the Other World: Poems in Memory of James Wright, Ed. Bruce Henricksen and Robert Johnson (Lost Hill Books) //

A Gallery of Ghosts, John Gery (UNO Press) //

In the Time of Assignments, Douglas A. Martin (Soft Skull Press) //

Sea Change, Jorie Graham (Ecco)

Spilling the Moon, Matt Schumacher (Wordcraft of Oregon)

The Temple Gate Called Beautiful, David Kirby (Alice James Books)

Theories of Falling, Sandra Beasley (New Issues)

Tomas Rivera: The Complete Works, Ed. Julian Olivares (Arte Publico Press) //

Wee Hour Martyrdom, Jason Tandon (sunnyoutside) //

When I Said Goodbye, Did Menendez (BlazeVOX Books) //



Alluvium, Erin M. Bertram (Dancing Girl Press)

Body of Water, Erin M. Bertram (Thorngate Road) //



After the Floods, Bruce Henricksen (Lost Hills Books) //

The Ballad of Trenchmouth Taggart, M. Glenn Taylor (Vandalia Press) //

The Baum Plan for Financial Independence and Other Stories, John Kessel (Small Beer Press) //

The Case Runner, Carlos Cisneros (Arte Publico Press) //

Erotomania: A Romance, Francis Levy (Two Dollar Radio) //

Hunger, Elise Blackwell (Unbridled Books) //

Lost Son, M. Allen Cunningham (Unbridled Books) //

Making Faces, John Bullock (Ghost Road Press) //

The Poetry Life: Ten Stories, Baron Wormster (CanvanKerry Press) //

Seal Woman, Solveig Eggerz (Ghost Road Press)

The Smell of Old Lady Perfume, Claudia Guadalupe Martinez (Cinco Puntos Press) //

The Twilight of the Bums, George Chambers & Raymond Federman (Starcherone Books)

Under the Bridge: Stories from the Border, Rosario Sanmiguel (Arte Publico Press) //

The Unnatural History of Cypress Parish, Elise Blackwell (Unbridled Books) //



The Boston Italians, Stephen Puleo (Beacon Press) //



Little Zizi, Thierry Lenain (Cinco Puntos Press)